The Haunted Bird Feeder

Watch my haunted bird feeder.

Spooky, I know.

Something keeps stealing the birdseed out of them, I just know it’s a ghost.  If you see the ghosty try to get a screen grab.

Beaming across the web from my place to your face.

Also you can sometimes:

Watch as practically every driver ignores the 25 MPH speed limit in a neighborhood full of children.  Watch the paint dry.  Watch the weather go bad.  There is no telling what you might see and at times hear.


Broadcasting from the ♥ of Louisiana. Streaming as slow as a drunk salt-covered snail in winter, stuck in molasses, and waiting for The Beatles reunion tour.

Louisiana among slowest Internet speeds in the world, report says

Oh sure,  this part of the heart has it’s warts and moles, (some that could be lanced),  aorta looks beat-up in a few places, left ventricle looks old and worn out, both could use some cosmetic surgery.  A little nip and tuck.  Nips and tucks do happen from time to time. Despite any issues the heart has, it just keeps beating,  like that river keeps on ‘a-rollin’ along’. This side of the river could use some bicycle lanes in places, for that ‘rollin’ along’ part.  I’m seriously.

IRC Chat Server: DALnet | Channel: #Louisiana_World

mIRC is still one of the best clients to IRC IRC is still the best way to chat, period.


It’s never too early to buy Christmas gifts, so I’m told. Just buy my stuff, please?

And even though this is clearly a joke, someone will ask; but is it really haunted? Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy the paranormal. It’s part of Louisiana culture. Who doesn’t like a good ghost story? Do ghosts tell stories about being poked by the living?

One response to “The Haunted Bird Feeder

  1. Any spooky ghosts in here?

    Any spooky ghosts here?


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