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  • Report: H.R. McMaster Consolidates Influence Over Jared Kushner’s Israel Policy
    JERUSALEM -- Embattled White House National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster has been given a larger partnership role with efforts being overseen by Jared Kushner, President Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser, to secure an Israeli-Palestinian deal, according to a report in Politico.
  • Exclusive – LTG (Ret) Keith Kellogg: Trump as Commander in Chief, Making the Hard Decisions
    I have seen the devastation of war. I have witnessed the final moments of young men in distant lands, far from all they love and hold dear. I have watched my daughter deploy to combat in Afghanistan and soon might my son. I recognize the personal courage required to make difficult decisions. I know the cost of war. More importantly, I know the price of freedom.
  • Experts Say Trump’s Afghanistan Strategy Will Require Nation-Building
    WASHINGTON – President Trump has promised the U.S. would not be “nation-building” in Afghanistan, but some experts who have long studied Afghanistan said that is what his strategy would entail in a panel on Tuesday.
  • Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell Declare a Truce
    President Donald Trump and Senate Majority Mitch McConnell declared a truce despite reports of an ongoing feud after the Republican-led Senate failed to repeal and replace Obamacare.
  • Hillary Clinton Resorts to Old Tactics in Upcoming Book, Attacks Trump for ‘Invading Her Space’
    Failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is resorting to familiar tactics in her upcoming book.
  • Dem Rep Garamendi: Trump’s Attacks on Press What Dictators Do – The Nazis ‘Constantly Attacked the Press’
    On Wednesday’s broadcast of CNN’s “Situation Room,” Representative John Garamendi (D-CA) argued that President Trump’s rhetoric about the press is akin to Nazi Germany’s attacks on media. Garamendi stated that President Trump’s speech in Phoenix the night before is “the real Trump, a man that is totally, totally out of control and engaged in rhetoric that slams the press. Which, by the way, happens to be the very first thing that a dictator will do to secure his position is to delegitimize the press. And Trump has been at that for his entire campaign, in fact, his entire presidency. We’ve got to be very concerned about that. And then the lies, the pathological lying that’s going on is just beyond — that creates yet another problem of just what exactly are our friends and opponents to believe? What is the role of the president? What is he really going to do? There’s no way to know because the truth is constantly changing in his mind.” He added, “If one were to look at Nazi Germany, that was the very early part of their tenure, was to delegitimize the press. They constantly attacked the press. They always were going, they and
  • NCAAP, Linda Sarsour Stage Pro-Kaepernick Rally in Front of NFL’s NYC Headquarters
    As militant activists warm to criticizing the NFL because national anthem protester Colin Kaepernick is still unemployed, the NAACP rallied in support of the player today at the league's New York headquarters. Among others, joining the NAACP was Islamist jihadi apologist Linda Sarsour.
  • Breitbart News Daily: Build the Wall
    On the Thursday edition of Breitbart News Daily, broadcast live on SiriusXM Patriot Channel 125 from 6AM to 9AM Eastern, Breitbart London Editor-in-Chief Raheem Kassam — the author of the new book No Go Zones: How Sharia Law Is Coming to a Neighborhood Near You — will continue our discussion of the Trump administration’s agenda. Rosemary Jenks of NumbersUSA will discuss President Trump’s pledge to build the wall even if it takes a government shutdown to do it. Pamela Geller, editor of The Geller Report and president of the American Freedom Defense Initiative, will discuss PayPal suspending and then re-instating her organization’s account. Dan Caldwell, director of policy for Concerned Veterans for America, will discuss Trump’s speech on Wednesday before the American Legion National Convention and his signing of the Veterans Appeals Improvement and Modernization Act. Live from London, Rome, and Jerusalem, Breitbart correspondents will provide updates on the latest international news. Breitbart News Daily is the first live, conservative radio enterprise to air seven days a week. SiriusXM Vice President for news and talk Dave Gorab called the show “the conservative news show of record.” Follow Breitbart News on Twitter for live updates during the show. Listeners may call into the show at: 866-957-2874.
  • Donny Deutsch: Trump Displays ‘So Many of the Traits of a Sociopath’
    Wednesday on MSNBC’s “Deadline: White House,” while commenting on President Donald Trump’s speech in Arizona a night earlier, network contributor Donny Deutsch said Trump was displaying “traits of a sociopath.” Deutsch said, “I did some homework, and there’s nothing glib about this. I need about 40 seconds, how to determine if someone’s a sociopath.” “What a sociopath is, a condition that prevents people from adopting to ethical and behavioral standards and community,” Deutsch said, as he read from a sheet of paper. “Sociopaths are usually extremely charming and charismatic. Sociopaths often time feel entitled to certain positions, people, and things. They believe their own beliefs and opinions are the absolute authority and disregard others. They’re rarely shy and insecure and at a loss for words. They have trouble suppressing emotional responses like anger and impatience or annoyance.” He continued, “They do bizarre, risky, and outrageous things without assessing repercussions. They’re professional liars. They fabricate stories and make outlandish, untruthful statements, and they get comfortable with their lying. They get bored easily and require constant stimulation. Sociopaths are incapable of experiencing guilt or shame for their actions. They’re manipulative. They may try to influence and dominate people to gain positions of leadership. They
  • Paul Ryan on Border Wall Funding: ‘I Don’t Think a Government Shutdown Is Necessary’
    Wednesday after touring an Intel facility in Oregon, when asked about President Donald Trump saying last night he is open to shutting down the government over funding for the border wall, House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI)  said he does not think a government shutdown will be “necessary.” Ryan said, “I don’t think a government shutdown is necessary, and I don’t think most people want to see a government shutdown, ourselves included.” He added, “The House already has passed funding including building physical barriers like a wall in the places that are necessary.” Follow Pam Key on Twitter @pamkeyNEN
  • CNN Op-Ed Defends ESPN’s Decision to Remove Asian Broadcaster Robert Lee over His Name
    An editorial piece by a former ESPN executive defends the sports network's decision to remove Asian broadcaster Robert Lee from covering the University of Virginia season opener because of his name. The op-ed says the decision is "not unreasonable in today's America."
  • UNICEF Finds ‘Appalling Increase’ in Use of Girls as ‘Human Bombs’ in Jihad-Plagued Nigeria
    The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) warned Tuesday that it has documented “an appalling increase” in the use of children, particularly girls, as “human bombs” in northeast Nigeria, noting that the number has risen to four times higher than in 2016.
  • Ann Coulter: Peace Through Border Control
    When Reagan said, "peace through strength," it meant something. But 30 years after Reagan won the Cold War, anyone who uses this expression conveys only that he has no understanding of the current war. Americans aren't being slaughtered by invading Soviet troops, "Red Dawn"-style, but by Islamic terrorists on tourist visas flying commercial airplanes into our skyscrapers, and by first- and second-generation Muslim immigrants setting off bombs and shooting people at the Boston Marathon, American military bases, community centers, and gay nightclubs. Americans are raped, addicted, and murdered not by the Red Army, but by millions of illegal aliens waltzing across our wide-open border.
  • Donald Trump Urges Mitch McConnell to End 60-Vote Filibuster Rule
    President Donald Trump again urged Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to eliminate the 60-vote threshold for passing legislation.
  • High Stakes September: Packed Legislative Agenda Will Test Congress, Trump
    High stakes battles on nearly every facet of American government and President Donald J. Trump's agenda come to a head in September, from the debt ceiling to government funding bills to healthcare and tax reform.
  • Howard Kurtz on ESPN Decision to Bench ‘Robert Lee’: ‘Political Idiocy and Journalistic Malpractice’
    Tuesday on a late broadcast of Fox News Channel’s “Special Report,” Howard Kurtz, the host of the network’s show “MediaBuzz” and its top media critic, ripped ESPN for a decision it made to remove one of its announcers from its broadcast of the University of Virginia versus William & Mary football because of his name Robert Lee. Kurtz called it “political idiocy and journalistic malpractice.” “It almost seems like a parody,” Kurtz said. “This was just not political correctness by ESPN. It’s political idiocy and journalistic malpractice to boot, and I’m surprised the network is now defending this ridiculous overreaction. I mean, if you played football for years without a helmet, would anybody when they see this guy, Robert Lee, think that he was in anyway a decedent of the late Civil War general. I mean, it is such an overreaction, oversensitivity by a network whose own ombudsman has said had moved too much into politics on the liberal side. I really can’t believe that ESPN, one did this — benching this guy who had nothing to do with the problems in Charlottesville to call the University of Virginia game and two, is now defending it.” Follow Jeff Poor on
  • Obama Medicare Administrator Andy Slavitt: ‘Graham, Cassidy, Heller the Most Significant Threat to Repeal ACA’
    Former Obama Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Administrator Andy Slavitt, who helped implement the Affordable Care Act, said that the Graham-Cassidy bill remains the most significant opportunity to repeal Obamacare.
  • ACLU Apologizes for ‘White Supremacy’ after Tweeting Pic of Toddler Holding U.S. Flag
    The American Civil Liberties Union’s Twitter account triggered a digital uproar among followers Wednesday for promoting its child clothing line with an admitted “white supremacy” message.
  • Exclusive — As Ethics Scandal Plagues Wire, Associated Press Files Official Government Request Digging for Dirt on Breitbart News
    The Associated Press has filed an official government document request with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) digging for dirt on Breitbart News, Breitbart News has learned. The revelation comes as the newswire service struggles to handle an ethics problem plaguing the outlet and continues to refuse to hold its staff to journalistic ethics standards.
  • Mark Meadows: Ryan, McConnell ‘Can Probably Keep Their Jobs’ if They Execute President’s Agenda During Critical September Window
    House Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows (R-NC) is warning that Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI) and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) "could lose their jobs" if they fail to deliver President Donald Trump's campaign promises, according to The Hill's Alexander Bolton and Scott Wong.
  • Alabama: Roy Moore Backs Donald Trump Push to End Mitch McConnell Filibuster as Luther Strange Stands Against President
    Roy Moore, the GOP frontrunner by a mile for the nomination for the U.S. Senate in the special Alabama election per recent polling, is backing President Donald Trump’s efforts to eliminate the 60-vote filibuster threshold in the U.S. Senate.
  • DACA Amnesty Faces Sept. 5 Legal Deadline
    Supporters of the DACA amnesty are hoping that President Donald Trump will tell his Department of Justice to help the 800,000 DACA illegals in a Texas court if a promised lawsuit from 10 state Attorneys General is filed September 5.
  • Democrats Dismiss DACA Offer by Donald Trump’s Aides, Demand No-Strings Amnesty
    Top Democrats are dismissing a proposed amnesty offer from President Donald Trump's globalist aides, which would trade citizenship for at least 800,000 'DACA' illegals -- plus their parents and immediate relatives -- in exchange for some package of real or symbolic immigration-related benefits.
  • Report: Wal-Mart and Google Partner with ‘Eye on Amazon’
    Wal-Mart has announced that they will be joining Google's online shopping platform Google Express, purportedly with an eye towards Amazon, according to a report.
  • Teenager Arrested in Saudi Arabia for Dancing the ‘Macarena’
    A 14-year-old boy in Saudi Arabia was arrested by authorities after a year-old video emerged of him dancing to the Spanish-language song the "Macarena" in the port city of Jeddah.
  • Firefighters Eat Sausages Made out of Piglets They Rescued Months Earlier
    A group of firefighters in England who rescued a litter of piglets a few months ago ate sausages made out of the animals they saved.
  • Police: Man Accused of Firing Shots at Public Bus Over Food Stamp Dispute
    A man was arrested after he fired shots at a public bus over a food stamp dispute with Alabama's Department of Human Resources, police say.
  • Kamala Harris Demands Senate Hearings on ‘Violent White Supremacy’
    Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) is insisting that her Senate colleagues call for hearings on "violent white supremacy" and other "domestic violent extremism."
  • Kamala Harris: Trump Border Wall ‘Stupid Use of Taxpayer Money’
    A day after President Donald Trump again promised to build a border wall during his Arizona speech, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) declared that Trump's border wall "is a stupid use of taxpayer money" in a Wednesday tweet.
  • California Imam: Islamic State ‘Production of the Israeli Intelligence’
    The Shia imam of a Muslim congregation in California has suggested that the so-called Islamic State (also known as ISIS, ISIL, of Daesh) "is the production of the Israeli intelligence."
  • Illegal Alien Deported 15 Times on Trial for Alleged Drunk Hit-and-Run
    An illegal alien who was previously deported at least 15 times is now on trial for an alleged drunk driving hit-and-run incident that severely injured a young boy.
  • Chris Evans: ‘Can Don Lemon Please Run for President in 2020?’
    Actor Chris Evans urged Don Lemon to challenge Donald Trump for the presidency in 2020, after the CNN host went on a rant about the president's remarks at Tuesday's rally in Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Clinton Mega-Donor Haim Saban: President Trump Not a ‘Nazi or Anti-Semite’
    Haim Saban -- the Israeli-American media mogul who backed Hillary Clinton in the presidential election -- has come to the defense of President Donald Trump, saying "he's not an anti-Semite."
  • Morning Mika & Joe: Trump Must Resign for Us to Like Him Again 
    Morning Joe couple Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski are urging President Donald Trump to resign so Trump can get them back in his corner.
  • Scott Baio: If Trump Cured Cancer, Hollywood Would Hate Him for ‘Putting Oncologists Out of Business’
    While several conservatives and Republicans in Hollywood are keeping quiet about their support for Donald Trump -- especially in the wake of the violent protests in Charlottesville, Virginia, and the media's assertion that the president did not condemn neo-Nazis and white supremacists fast enough -- actor Scott Baio insists that "conservatives in Hollywood have had it."
  • Report: Amy Schumer Demanded More Money from Netflix After Learning Bigger Stars Got Better Deals
    Comedian Amy Schumer reportedly asked for more money from Netflix for her stand-up comedy special after learning that other comedy stars such as Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle made more than she did.
  • Lt. Gen. Boykin: I’m Not Sure Trump Administration Knows What Winning in Afghanistan Looks Like
    Retired Lt. General Jerry Boykin, executive vice president of the Family Research Council, discussed with Breitbart News Daily on Wednesday President Trump’s Afghanistan policy speech, describing it as “one of the three most impressive speeches he’s given.”
  • EXCLUSIVE – NSA Whistleblower: Russia ‘Hack’ of DNC Server an ‘Outright Lie’
    TEL AVIV -- The narrative of a Russian hack into the computer system of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) is an “outright lie” and “manipulation process,” William Binney, a former highly placed NSA official, claimed during in a radio interview.
  • Pakistan: Christian Teenager Beaten, Charged with ‘Blasphemy’ for Allegedly Burning Koran
    A fourth Christian teenager has been arrested in Pakistan on charges of violating blasphemy law after he allegedly burnt a Koran, the British Pakistani Christian Association reported on Tuesday.
  • North Korea Vows ‘Absolute Force’ Against ‘Mad Guy Trump’ Day After Tillerson Lauds ‘Restraint’
    North Korea's state newspaper, Rodong Sinmun, published two editorials Wednesday threatening the use of "absolute force" against "mad guy" President Donald Trump and a "barrage of fire" over South Korea.
  • 11 Times Breitbart News Has Highlighted Trump’s Broken Campaign Promises
    After legacy media outlets noticed Breitbart News' critical coverage of President Donald Trump's Monday Afghanistan flip-flop, New York Times ace reporter Maggie Haberman tweeted on Tuesday that Breitbart News has not held Trump to account for his broken promises in the last seven months, alleging that Breitbart News only became critical after former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon returned. She could not be more wrong. Here are at least 11 times Breitbart News has called out Trump for his broken campaign promises.
  • Scarborough: Trump Is ‘Using Stalinist Terms’ in Reference to the Media
    On Wednesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” co-host Joe Scarborough stated President Trump is using Stalinist terminology in reference to the media and that Trump used to kiss up to the press in New York constantly. Scarborough said, “[H]e is so obsessed with the media. He is so — you know, he’s more obsessed with the media than the media’s obsessed with himself. And it’s — this is a guy who’s using Stalinist terms, calling the media ‘enemy of the people.’ Last night, saying the media didn’t love their country. This is a guy that sucked up to the New York press corps, to tabloids, New York Times reporters for over four decades. … He was obsessed with it, and he played them nonstop and wallowed and would lick their feet if that’s what was required to get a good headline. And now, suddenly, he doesn’t like the media. It’s his only prism.” Follow Ian Hanchett on Twitter @IanHanchett
  • New York Times, Vox, Declare Corporations the ‘Moral Voice’ of America
    In a further sign that the ongoing culture war also has a class dimension, metropolitan commentators have begun heaping praise on America's C.E.Os for their lockstep adherence to progressive values.
  • LA Times: Charlottesville Car Attack Shows Need for More Gun Control
    The Los Angeles Times says gun control is the proper response to the death that resulted from Charlottesville car attack.
  • White House Leaks Continue: ‘Aides’ Tell Politico Trump Strayed from ‘Carefully Vetted Message’ in Arizona
    Anonymous "aides" have rushed, right on cue, to disavow Donald Trump's fiery speech in Phoenix, Arizona Monday night and tell establishment reporters that they had nothing to do with the red meat the president served up to his Deplorable supporters.
  • Trump: ‘We’ll Probably End up Terminating NAFTA’
    Donald Trump sent a warning to Mexico Tuesday night about the NAFTA renegotiations.
  • Trump Supporters Roar ‘CNN Sucks’ Live on CNN
    President Donald Trump spent nearly 30 minutes trashing the media at his rally in Phoenix on Tuesday, prompting supporters to cheer “CNN SUCKS!”
  • Establishment Journalists Fear for Their Lives After Donald Trump Criticism
    Members of the establishment media reacted in horror after President Donald Trump criticized them again during a rally in Phoenix in the wake of the violent Charlottesville protests.
  • Wall Street Is Overlooking Three Things That Could Derail Tax Reform
    The counting of chickens yet to be hatched is the business of Wall Street. Hatched chickens, after all, are "past performance." It's the little ovals full of promises for future earnings that capture all the attention.

Zero Hedge

  • The Fate Of Saudi's Vision 2030 Rests On Aramco IPO
    Authored by Zainab Calcuttawala via OilPrice.com, It has been two months since Prince Mohammed Bin Salman’s ascendance to the role of heir to the Saudi Arabian throne, and the preliminary effects of his aggressive economic diversification and anti-Iran platforms are beginning to show. The influence of Bin Salman (widely known as MBS) on foreign policy can most readily be seen in Iraq, where Iranian support for the war against the Islamic State has carved out a special niche for Tehran. While Riyadh had been preoccupied with battling Shiite Houthi rebels in Yemen, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and the Iranian government strengthened their commitment to a unified Iraq, free from ISIS and free from the threat of an independent Kurdistan. But now the tides are changing. Emirati and Saudi politicians are making their rounds in Baghdad, rekindling old Gulf ties that have suffered since dictator Saddam Hussain invaded Kuwait in the 90s. Riyadh announced the inauguration of a new embassy in Najaf and sponsored Iraqi Sadrist leader Muqtada al-Sadr’s visits to the Arabian Peninsula, leading Iranian news sites to condemn the tours as a betrayal to the Yemeni people. Sadr, who leads a Shiite movement that receives a majority of its support from the lowest rungs of Iraq’s socioeconomic ladder, also recently visited Egypt - a country allied with the KSA in its ongoing row against Qatar. Doha has been ostracized by its Gulf allies due to its close ties to Tehran in light of the gargantuan South Pars gas field, which it shares with Iran thanks to an unfortunate coincidence of geography.  But at home, it’s all about money, and all about oil revenues. Domestically, revenues from non-oil services and goods dropped in the second quarter of 2017, but the policy trend overall favors its growth. Oil revenues for Riyadh grew in the same period due to a new wave of crude production in the KSA. The monarchist regime turns measuredly more protectionist as U.S. shale production and exports continue to rise. “Non-oil revenues are somewhat lower year-on-year in the first half of 2017 but should increase materially starting from 2018 onwards as fiscal reforms kick in,” said economist Jean-Michel Saliba in a Merrill Lynch note. Non-oil revenue for the KSA is due to jump by $21.3 billion by 2018 because of the enforcement of a value-added tax (VAT) on luxury products and new fees on immigrant laborers who have brought their family members along from their home countries. Already, a lower tax on soft drinks and tobacco products has caused Riyadh’s revenues to lurk upwards in hot summer months. By 2020, Bin Salman expects non-oil revenues to rise by $100 billion - a sizeable jump, considering Riyadh forecasted a total of $128 billion in oil profits for the government over the course of 2017. MBS’ Vision 2030 plans depend on an extra couple hundred billion dollars from the Saudi Aramco initial public offering (IPO) in 2018. The IPO, the largest of its kind in financial history, would make just a five percent portion of the oil giant accessible to private investors. Still, the volume of the company’s assets guarantee MBS the capital he needs to retrain the Saudi work force, develop a services sector and tone down the influence of the fossil fuel interests. Oil prices have fluctuated in recent months and MBS has so far not been able to leverage his political savvy to use OPEC to stabilize world oil markets. This is not to say that fixing barrel rates is his responsibility per se, but the future monarch does pretty much dominate the cartel, which controls 40 percent of the world’s total oil production. Overall, the crown prince’s control of the Saudi image in the Middle East has become clear over the past 60 days of his official title change. The KSA also seems to be on track to meet its non-oil revenues benchmark for 2020, meaning MBS has a lot to be proud of already. But the future of his hallmark Vision 2030 plan rests in the success of the Aramco IPO. The final determinant of its success depends on market conditions the moment the company goes public. So far, Brent rates hovering around $50 do Riyadh no good.
  • Deutsche Bank Forced To Slash Fixed-Income Research Price By Half On Lackluster Demand
    One by one over the past several months, Europe's largest investment banks have each rolled out their new pricing models detailing how they'll charge for research in 2018 once the new MiFID II regulations go into effect.  Pricing strategies have varied from expensive all-in packages costing nearly $500,000 a year to pay-as-you-go plans that charge for each research report individually.  Here are a couple of recent examples: Barclays Seeks $455,000 For 'Gold' Equity Research Package; Includes 'Field Trips' And 'Occasional' 1x1's Would You Pay $1,000 For Each Equity Research Piece You Read? Autonomous Research Thinks You Will That said, ever since the first pricing plans hit the market we've maintained that the finance world's masters of corporate valuation might ultimately find themselves shocked by the bid/ask spread between what they think their daily pearls of financial wisdom are worth versus the value that asset managers are willing to ascribe to those services.  Here's how we summed it up in one of our first posts on the topic: Literally no one knows the true 'value' of research, not even the investment banks that are selling it.  Up until now, equity research has been treated as a 'freebie' given away to institutional clients in return for trading commissions but that is all about to change thanks to the European Union’s MiFID II regulations, which require asset managers to separate trading commissions from investment-research payments.   Unfortunately, at least for the Investment Banks of the world, while the cost of generating equity research may be substantial, it turns out that the true 'value', as defined by institutional clients' maximum willingness to pay for reports, may be much less.  Which is shocking given the creativity required to constantly generate new variations of daily reports politely suggesting that you "Buy The Fucking Dip."   But, as banks try to figure out their 'value add', the bid ask spread ranges from about $50,000 for a basic, annual fixed income package up to $600,000.  In other words, at least 1 investment bank thinks their research is worth roughly 6 full-time, dedicated junior analysts.   Of course, as we said before, almost any amount of money seems, at least to us, to be too much to have the same people give you the same advice over and over again, namely "buy more stocks, faster."  There, we just summarized 90% of all equity research that will ever be written for the rest of history in 4 simple words and completely free of charge.  You're welcome.   Now, it turns out that Deutsche has become the first investment bank forced to admit what we've known for some time now, namely that the commoditized product they sell into a hyper-competitive, saturated market might not be as valuable as they once thought.  And, to our complete 'shock', they've been forced to slash their research prices in half as a result.  Per Bloomberg: Deutsche Bank AG has halved the price of its fixed-income and macro research as competition mounts in the run-up to Europe’s MiFID II regulations, three people with knowledge of its plans said.   The German lender proposes to charge asset managers 30,000 euros ($35,000) a year for up to 10 users, said the people, who asked not to be identified because the information is private. This was cut from the 60,000 euros it had initially planned after other banks revised their prices lower, according to a memo sent to clients. A spokesman for Deutsche Bank declined to comment. So, what do you get as part of this new 50% off deal?  How about free web access to reports (which is great because the carrier pigeons have been really slow lately) and the ability to actually speak with analysts...is that something that might interest you? Deutsche Bank’s 30,000-euro package includes web access to written research and contact with analysts, the people said. Deliberations are ongoing and the bank hasn’t made a final decision on the pricing.   The Frankfurt-based lender’s prices are linked to the number of users. Web-only access for up to five people is quoted at 15,000 euros per year, while a package including web access and contact with analysts is 50,000 euros for up to 25 users, one of the people with knowledge of the matter said. Why do we have a sneaking suspicion that DB isn't going to be the only bank forced to slash their research prices?
  • Two New Totalitarian Movements: Radical Islam And Political Correctness
    Authored by A.Z.Mohamed via The Gatestone Institute, The attempt in the West to impose a strict set of rules about what one is allowed to think and express in academia and in the media -- to the point that anyone who disobeys is discredited, demonized, intimidated and in danger of losing his or her livelihood -- is just as toxic and just as reminiscent of Orwell's diseased society. The main facet of this PC tyranny, so perfectly predicted by George Orwell, is the inversion of good and evil -- of victim and victimizer. In such a universe, radical Muslims are victimized by the West, and not the other way around. This has led to a slanted teaching of the history of Islam and its conquests, both as a justification of the distortion and as a reflection of it. Thought-control is necessary for the repression of populations ruled by despotic regimes. That it is proudly and openly being used by self-described liberals and human-rights advocates in free societies is not only hypocritical and shocking; it is a form of aiding and abetting regimes whose ultimate goal is to eradicate Western ideals. Political correctness (PC) has been bolstering radical Islamism. This influence was most recently shown again in an extensive exposé by the Clarion Project in July 2017, which demonstrates the practice of telling "deliberate lies while genuinely believing in them in order to forget any fact that has become inconvenient" -- or, as George Orwell called it in his novel, 1984, "Doublespeak." This courtship and marriage between the Western chattering classes and radical Muslim fanatics was elaborated by Andrew C. McCarthy in his crucial 2010 book, The Grand Jihad: How Islam and the Left Sabotage America. Since then, this union has strengthened. Both the United States and the rest of the West are engaged in a romance with forces that are, bluntly, antagonistic to the values of liberty and human rights. To understand this seeming paradox, one needs to understand what radical Islamism and PC have in common. Although Islamism represents all that PC ostensibly opposes -- such as the curbing of free speech, the repression of women, gays and "apostates" -- both have become totalitarian ideologies. The totalitarian nature of radical Islamism is more obvious than that of Western political correctness -- and certainly more deadly. Sunni terrorists, such as ISIS and Hamas -- and Shiites, such as Hezbollah and its state sponsor, Iran -- use mass murder to accomplish their ultimate goal of an Islamic Caliphate that dominates the world and subjugates non-Muslims. The attempt in the West, however, to impose a strict set of rules about what one is allowed to think and express in academia and in the media -- to the point that anyone who disobeys is discredited, demonized, intimidated and in danger of losing his or her livelihood -- is just as toxic and just as reminiscent of Orwell's view of a diseased society. These rules are not merely unspoken ones. Quoting a Fox News interview with American columnist Rachel Alexander, the Clarion Project points out that the Associated Press -- whose stylebook is used as a key reference by a majority of English-language newspapers worldwide for uniformity of grammar, punctuation and spelling -- is now directing writers to avoid certain words and terms that are now deemed unacceptable to putative liberals. Alexander recently wrote: "Even when individual authors do not adhere to the bias of AP Style, it often doesn't matter. If they submit an article to a mainstream media outlet, they will likely see their words edited to conform. A pro-life author who submits a piece taking a position against abortion will see the words 'pro-life' changed to 'anti-abortion,' because the AP Stylebook instructs, 'Use anti-abortion instead of pro-life and pro-abortion rights instead of pro-abortion or pro-choice.' It goes on, 'Avoid abortionist,' saying the term 'connotes a person who performs clandestine abortions.'   "Words related to terrorism are sanitized in the AP Stylebook. Militant, lone wolves or attackers are to be used instead of terrorist or Islamist. 'People struggling to enter Europe' is favored over 'migrant' or 'refugee.' While it's true that many struggle to enter Europe, it is accurate to point out that they are, in fact, immigrants or refugees." To be sure, the AP Stylebook does not carry the same weight or authority as the Quranic texts on which radical Islamists base their jihadist actions and totalitarian aims. It does constitute, however, a cultural decree that has turned religious in its fervor. It gives a glimpse, as well, into the intellectual tyranny that has pervaded liberal Western thought and institutions. The main facet of this PC tyranny, so perfectly predicted by Orwell, is the inversion of good and evil -- of victim and victimizer. In such a universe, radical Muslims are victimized by the West, and not the other way around. This has led to a slanted teaching of the history of Islam and its conquests, both as a justification of the distortion and as a reflection of it. As far back as 2003, the Middle East Forum reported on the findings of a study conducted by the American Textbook Council, an independent New York-based research organization, which stated: "[Over the last decade], the coverage of Islam in world history textbooks has expanded and in some respects improved.... But on significant Islam-related subjects, textbooks omit, flatter, embellish, and resort to happy talk, suspending criticism or harsh judgments that would raise provocative or even alarming questions." Thought-control is necessary for the repression of populations ruled by despotic regimes. That it is proudly and openly being used by self-described liberals and human-rights advocates in free societies is not only hypocritical and shocking; it is a form of aiding and abetting regimes whose ultimate goal is to eradicate Western ideals. The relationship between the two must be recognized for what it is: a marriage made in hell.
  • Visualizing The Countries Most And Least Accepting Of Migrants
    According to new research from Gallup, many countries on the frontlines of Europe's migration crisis are among the least-accepting countries worldwide for migrants. Statista's Nial McCarthy notes that the research found that Macedonia, Montenegro, Hungary, Serbia, Slovakia and Croatia which are all along the Balkan route for asylum seekers recorded the lowest scores for accepting migrants. You will find more statistics at Statista Iceland was at the opposite end of the scale, scoring 8.26 out of 9.0. It was followed by New Zealand and Rwanda. Germany which has taken in huge numbers of refugees in recent years came 23rd overall with 7.09. The United States came 18th with 7.27. The United Kingdom came a distant 38th for migrant acceptance, scoring only 6.61 out of 9.0.
  • Globalist Strategy Exposed: Use Crazy Leftists And Provocateurs To Enrage/Demonize Conservatives
    Authored by Brandon Smith via Alt-Market.com, The false left/right paradigm is an often misunderstood concept. Many people who are aware of it sometimes wrongly assume that it asserts the claim that there is "no left or right political spectrum;" that it is all a farce. This is incorrect. In regular society there is indeed a political spectrum among the general populace from socialism/communism/big government (left) to conservatism/free markets/individualism/small government (right). Each citizen sits somewhere on the scale between these two dynamics. The left/right spectrum is in fact real for the average person. We do not find a " false" paradigm until we examine the beliefs and behaviors of the elitist and political classes. For many banking oligarchs and high level politicians, there is no loyalty to a particular political party or an identifiable "left" or "right" ideology. Many of these people are happy to exploit both sides of the spectrum, if they can, to achieve the goals of globalism; a separate ideology that doesn't really serve the interests of groups on the left or the right. That is to say, globalists pretend as if they care about one side or the other on occasion, but in truth they could not care less about the success of either. They only care about the success of their own exclusive elitist club. This reality also tends to apply to national loyalty as well. Globalists do not carry any ideological love for any particular nation or culture. They are more than happy to sacrifice and sabotage a country if the action will gain them greater power or centralization in return. A globalist is only "Democrat" or "Republican," or American or Russian or Chinese or European, etc., insofar as the label gets them something that they want. The reason globalists and the people that work for them adopt certain labels is because through this they can act as gatekeepers and better manipulate the masses. The hot button issue of the week provides us with a case in point... The organizer of the "Unite The Right" group during the Charlottesville circus, which ended in one death and numerous injured, happened to be an ideological playmate of the extreme left only a year ago. Jason Kessler seemed to come out of nowhere as a leading figure in the white identity or "white nationalist" movement in 2017, but in 2016, he was an avid supporter of Barack Obama, and before that, an active champion of the Occupy Wall Street movement. I suppose anyone can change their ideological worldview over time, but I'm certainly not stupid enough to believe that Jason Kessler went from hardcore leftist to white nationalist in less than a year. Though it cannot be proven conclusively that Kessler is a provocateur, he certainly idolized the position. Kessler is quoted in his own blog on December 12, 2015, (now shut down but archived) as stating: "I can't think of any occupation I admire more than the professional provocateur, who has the courage and self-determination to court controversy despite all the slings and arrows of the world." This is not the first time white nationalists have been exploited by agent provocateurs to make the "political right" in general look bad. And, it is certainly not the first time white nationalists have been discovered to be working directly for the federal government. Klu Klux Klan leader Bill Wilkinson openly admitted to being a FBI informant and cooperator in 1981. Hal Turner, a white supremacist radio personality notorious for calling for the deaths of judges and lawmakers, turned out to be a provocateur paid by the FBI to drum up extremism. He was exposed in 2009 after his arrest led to his admission that almost everything he did was "at the behest of the Federal Bureau of Investigations..." Why would the government seek to instigate white nationalist groups into violence? Well, you have to examine the larger narrative here. Anti-conservative propaganda has been overwhelmingly one-track over the past several years. If you are well educated on the activities of deceit machines like the Southern Poverty Law Center, you understand that the thrust of all of their operations has been to tie white nationalism directly to conservative organizations even if there is no connection. I call this "guilt by false association." Keep in mind that the SPLC cooperates closely with government agencies like the DHS and their "Working Group To Counter Violent Extremism" to create profiling techniques to identify "right wing extremists." Meaning, their skewed propaganda is often what the media and government agencies use as a reference when writing articles or implementing policy. The SPLC is inseparable from the mainstream media and government agendas dealing with conservatives. In order to justify the madness and violence of the left in recent months, it is more important than ever for the establishment to maintain the lie that conservatives are also all violent racists and "fascists" that need to be destroyed. Propaganda alone is rarely enough to make such notions stick in the public consciousness. Sometimes, provocateurs are needed to "stir the pot." However, this is only half the equation of the American civil war being engineered before our eyes. In my article 'The Social Justice Cult Should Blame Itself For The Rise Of Trump' published in August of 2016, I warned that Trump would indeed win the presidential election and that this would actually serve the interests of establishment elites. In the article, I outline the classic division that globalists have used for decades to divide and conquer societies as well as conjure instability and even geopolitical conflicts — namely the communist versus fascist division. The political left in the U.S. has gone "full retard" as they say, and it is my belief that this is by design. George Soros, an avid globalist and Nazi-collaborator that now pretends to be a "Democrat" (remember, in reality these people have no loyalty to either side), is a prominent figure behind the funding and strategy initiatives of far-left groups like Black Lives Matter and others related to Antifa activities. The current behavior of SJW groups like Antifa is similar in numerous ways to the actions of Maoists in China during the Cultural Revolution. Maoists sought to erase all vestiges of China's "imperialist history" in a wave of violence that resulted in the destruction of priceless pieces of Chinese historical significance, and the prosecution of political opponents. This unchecked fervor eventually culminated in mass killings of anyone found to be a heretic of the new social justice religion. The only group to truly benefit from the rabid outburst was Mao and the elites of China's political establishment. The left's uncomfortably similar war against confederate statues in America is not about slavery, and it's certainly not about a respect for life (if that were the case, they would have admonished the shooting of Congressman Steve Scalise by a Bernie Sanders supporter as much as they wailed about the killing of Heather Heyer by a white nationalist).  Where was all the outrage from the left over Scalise?  And, where was the outrage over Confederate statues during Barack Obama's presidency?  Why isn't the left blaming him for the continued existence of these "racist" landmarks? Clearly, none of these statues glorify slavery in any way, they merely represent a piece of America's past which was far more complex than poorly educated SJW lunatics are able to comprehend. Of course, they don't care about real history, they only care that the issue of confederate statues as a means by which they can implement deconstruction of American cultural heritage, which is predominantly conservative in ideals. What the left wants is to START with confederate statues because this is easiest to for them to rationalize to the public, then move on to the founding fathers, then to the Constitution and round out their assault with the erasure of conservative thought altogether. What globalists like George Soros want is to encourage leftists to pursue this goal, but not necessarily with the expectation that they will succeed. In fact, the globalists are about to throw the leftists to the wolves. My readers are well aware of my position on the Trump presidency. I said it before his election and I continue to hold to my prediction to this day; Trump is either a patsy and a scapegoat for the inevitable economic and social crisis that has been brewing within America for years, or, he is a pied piper and willing participant in the scheme. Either way, conservatives are being lashed to the hull of Trump's Titanic, and when it sinks, we are all supposed to go down with it. The social justice cultism of leftists, growing ever more heinous and illogical, is MEANT to push conservatives not just into the arms of the Trump White House, but it is also meant to push us towards a more totalitarian mindset. The more aggressive the left becomes, the more inclined the right will be to use government as a weapon to pulverize them with an iron fist. This is exactly what globalists want, for once conservatives abandon our Constitutional principles in the name of defeating the left we will have become the monster we have always sought to defend against. We will have lost the long game, and the globalists will have us exactly where they want us. Communism and fascism are two sides of the same coin. Both ideologies were originally developed and funded by international banks and conglomerates in the early 20th century. For undeniable evidence of this I recommend reading works of Antony Sutton, including Wall Street And The Bolshevik Revolution, as well as Wall Street And The Rise Of Hitler. Communism is a totalitarian/collectivist model based on the fraudulent premise that the strongest and most successful in a society must be diminished or erased in order to elevate the weak and unsuccessful. All based on the assumption that the strong must have risen to their position through oppression and exploitation. Through this erasure they hope to create "equality."   Fascism is a totalitarian/collectivist model based on the fraudulent premise that the weak and unsuccessful in a society must be diminished or erased because they are a parasitic drain on the strong. Both rely heavily on the power of government, the blind servitude of the majority and the use of terror to achieve their goals. Neither of these systems is compatible with conservative philosophy and both of them act as a catalyst for greater centralization and less freedom, which the globalists benefit greatly from. In fact, if you believe in the force of big government and the collectivist mindset then you CANNOT call yourself a conservative. The two worldviews are mutually exclusive. Conservatives can, though, be corrupted, just like anyone else. In the case of the present day, conservatives are being stabbed with a thousand needles by the left, luring us into a mindset of vengeance and rage. We are also being falsely associated with white nationalist movements (many of them operated by agent provocateurs) that do often promote fascism as if it is some kind of "misunderstood" elixir of stability and utopia. I think it is clear that regardless of who wins — fascists or communists, conservatives are the primary target. It is my view that the left is cannon fodder in this agenda. They are being wielded like a blunt instrument; a battering ram composed of useful idiots, a buzzing of flies and mosquitoes. Conservatives will be encouraged to act against constitutional values in order to stop this threat in the most brutal way. The time is coming when we will have to make a choice – stand by our values and fight the left the hard way, or abandon our values and serve the globalists by adopting their methods of government totalitarianism. It is my hope that enough of us will stand by the constitution and conscience in this schizophrenic era and disrupt the tides of madness before they erode our nation completely.
  • If Student Loans Were Honest
    College is going to be one of the biggest investments of your life... ...which is why you should just trust what the student loan companies tell you without even thinking twice about how much you could be screwed after school has ended.
  • Guard Your Mind Like the Precious Resource It Is
    Authored by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog, I’m concerned about a better world. I’m concerned about justice; I’m concerned about brotherhood; I’m concerned about truth. And when one is concerned about that, he can never advocate violence. For through violence you may murder a murderer, but you can’t murder murder. Through violence you may murder a liar, but you can’t establish truth. Through violence you may murder a hater, but you can’t murder hate through violence.  Darkness cannot put out darkness; only light can do that.   – Martin Luther King, Jr. (1967) Something I’ve been working on personally is becoming more in control of my emotions and, more importantly, trying not  to immediately respond when something makes me angry. In order to do this, I’ve found it necessary to be conscious of the anger itself. Specifically, I’ve noticed that when we get angry we tend to move into a state of mind that is obsessively focused on the source of this anger. We dwell on how we were wronged over and over in our minds like an uncontrollable movie, which then makes us even more angry. In an attempt to stop the movie and momentarily feel better about the situation, we tend to lash out. It feels good for a second, but it almost never gets you anywhere. Anger and fear are two emotions that serve important evolutionary purposes and certainly have their place, but I’ve found neither to be productive when it comes to solutions to serious problems, or to establishing better relationships with those you care about. When one is angry or fearful the instinctual response is to do whatever might make you feel better in the moment. Allowing oneself to react from a state of fear or anger will almost always lead to poor decision making, unless you are actually in a situation that requires such a response. I discussed this concept in May’s post, Do Ends Justify the Means? I think many people will quickly answer the question “do the ends justify the means” without putting enough thought into it. The question is meant to be considered when it comes to premeditated voluntary actions of questionable ethics taken with a defined objective in mind. It has nothing to do with matters of self-defense, or anything in that category. For example, if someone is coming at your family with an intent to inflict harm, the ethical decision might be to harm the aggressor to protect your family despite the fact that harming another person in itself is an immoral act. Pretty much everyone can agree with this, so it doesn’t add anything to the argument of whether the ends justify the means.   What about if you’re walking down the street and you see someone come from behind an old lady, hit her on the head and then struggle with her on the ground in an attempt to take her purse. You aren’t being directly attacked, so should you intervene with violence if necessary against the perpetrator to help an innocent bystander? Again, I think the right and ethical decision here is to step in to try to help the victim if possible.   In both these cases the negative “means” of violence you might be required to use against violent aggressors do indeed justify the ends — in the first instance the protection of your family, and in the second a vulnerable old lady. Given these examples, one might be led to believe that the ends can often justify the means, but I would argue that this only holds true in extreme examples such as the ones described above, and that for a principled person, the ends almost never justify the means.   When people seriously consider whether the ends of a particular action justify the means, it’s almost never in relation to scenarios like the ones described above for two reasons. First, those are extremely rare situations that many people (in the developed world at least) will only experience a few of times in the course of a lifetime, if that. On the other hand, many of us face constant but often overlooked ethical dilemmas on a daily or weekly basis. We all face situations where we are confronted with the choice to do something we know is wrong, but perhaps do it anyway either for instant gratification or in the pursuit of a larger goal. The point is that most of us (at least here in the U.S.) rarely find ourselves in situations where the proper course of action would be to respond instinctually from a state of fear or anger. For most of us, the best course of action is to become aware of our anger and acknowledge that it is a normal response, but to also then recognize that this state of mind must be transcended in order to come up with conscious and productive ways to overcome the root problem. This is the wisdom the spiritual masters of all faiths throughout history have taught us. Easier said than done for sure, but that doesn’t make it any less true or important. This is part of what it means to be more conscious, or aware. It means you’ve learned to acknowledge the constant presence of the crazy “monkey mind” which tends to dominate human thought. Recognizing it is the crucial first step, taming it is a whole other ballgame, and one I am only beginning to work on. For the purposes of this piece, the key thing I want to hammer home is that people are much more easily manipulated when they don’t realize they’re being manipulated. Moreover, the easiest way to manipulate someone is to ensure they get in, and stay in, a state of either fear or angry, preferably both. Whether intentional or not, the media seems to be professionals at creating such an environment, which  is why it’s so important to tune from 90% of the nonsense they publish. It’s quite literally brain cancer. It’s not just the corporate media though. I’m seeing it across the political spectrum, whether from “new right” pundits, or anti-free speech leftists advocating violence. Becoming your enemy to fight your enemy has become a new rallying cry for the unconscious across the political spectrum. “But they’re doing it, so now we’re gonna do it.” Is this political discourse, or toddlers throwing sand at each other in the playground? The bottom line is if you ever hear anyone advocating such tactics run away from them as fast as you can. These people are poison. Some people are actively trying to lower your consciousness, while others are trying to raise it. Discard the former, embrace the latter. — Michael Krieger (@LibertyBlitz) August 16, 2017 Only conscious people can help create a better world, unconscious people never will.
  • Hartford Bankruptcy Looms As CT Gov Admits "We Spent Money On Wrong Things"
    Connecticut Governor Daniel Malloy is among the country’s least popular governors after forcing through two tax hikes that sent individuals and corporations fleeing from the state. Luckily for the state and its people, Malloy apparently has no interest in sticking around to take the heat when it comes time for the next hike: He has announced that he will not seek a third term. Connecticut has gone without a budget for two months, and is facing devastating cutbacks in municipal services if one isn't passed soon. But Malloy took time off this week from grappling with legislators to speak with a reporter from Reuters, he offers little insight into what lead to the state’s precarious fiscal situation. Instead, he blames it on overspending on prisons. "The state invested in the wrong things for a period of time. It allowed its higher educational institutions to suffer while it sought to placate communities with respect to other forms of local reimbursement," Malloy told Reuters during an interview in his office on Thursday.   "We built too many prisons, which we're still paying off even while we're closing them," he said. The Democrat took office in 2011 and is not seeking a third term.” Prisons are only a small part of the state's problem. Choked by outmigration and a debt-service burden that’s the highest in the nation compared with revenues, Connecticut’s fiscal situation is deteriorating rapidly. And after two months without a budget, Reuters reports that, unless lawmakers act soon, the government of one of the wealthiest states in the country will begin cutbacks in education spending and municipal aid as Malloy tries to close an expected $3.5 billion budget shortfall over the coming two years. Connecticut is one of a handful of US states on the verge of a Greece-style debt-crisis, as it struggles to service some $23 billion in municipal debt, all while lawmakers keep one eye on the state’s unfunded pension liabilities, which have climbed to a terrifying $50 billion, thanks to the generous retirement packages enjoyed by Connecticut state employees. Back in May, all three of the main rating agencies downgraded the credit rating on the state’s general-obligation bonds, sending the state’s credit risk soaring. Meanwhile, municipal debt for the city of Hartford, Connecticut’s once-proud capital, has been downgraded to junk status. Health-insurance giant Aetna, which was founded in Hartford nearly 200 years ago, recently dealt the city a major blow when it announced plans to relocate its headquarters to New York City, though most of the company’s 6,000 employees will remain in the state. About a year earlier, General Electric, which had been headquartered in Fairfield, CT for decades, announced it would re-locate to Boston, where it would face a lower tax bill AND access to top-flight talent, who typically prefer to work and live in trendy urban hubs. After meeting with Millstein & Co, the same firm that tried to help Puerto Rico reorganize its massive debt burden, State Comptroller Denise Nappier proposed a new tax-secured revenue bond program, which she says will lower borrowing costs and boost reserves. The bonds would be issued in lieu of general-obligation bonds, according to Reuters. But that's a long-term solution. Right now, the state still desperately needs a budget, or its municipalities will be faced with devastating cuts. “…until lawmakers craft a budget, the state's fiscal uncertainty is causing havoc among municipalities. Some are considering whether to delay the start of school or dip into reserves.    And for Hartford, the longer the state goes without a budget, the closer the city comes  to a possible bankruptcy filing, said Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin, a 38-year-old former U.S.  Treasury official.   "The lack of a state budget... makes a liquidity challenge come that much faster," he said.” By some measures, Connecticut has the worst debt problem in the country. “It has the most net tax-supported state debt per capita in the nation at $6,505, versus a median of $1,006, according to Moody's Investors Service.   It has the highest debt service costs as a portion of state revenues, as well as debt relative to gross domestic product, Moody's said.” During fiscal 2017, CT spent $2.85 billion servicing debt – the most in seven years. “The $2.85 billion of principal and interest the state paid on its bonds in fiscal 2017 was the highest in six years, according to preliminary unaudited information from State Treasurer Denise Nappier's office that has not yet been published.” A crisis at the state level promises to ripple across the state, destabilizing municipalities that have taken state aid for granted for too long. “Further, the state's budget crunch is threatening its cities including the state capital of Hartford, which is considering bankruptcy due, in part, to its dependence on state aid.   Connecticut has borrowed for decades to fund school construction, whereas nearly all other states typically borrow at the local level for those projects.   Lack of county governments means some other local costs are picked up by the state, including for all of its detention facilities.” As with many of its troubled peers, Connecticut’s financial struggles began with the crisis. “Connecticut has piled on debt to bolster its public pensions, selling $2.3 billion of bonds in April 2008.   And again in December 2009, the state sold $916 million of economic recovery notes to close a budget deficit after depleting its rainy day fund during the Great Recession.” Beyond that, its decline has been hastened by a combination of forces. A deteriorating local economy, coupled with a plunge in hedge fund profits, have strained the state’s already narrow tax base. Meanwhile, high taxes have inspired wealthy hedge fund types to move to states that are more tax-friendly, like Florida. Despite its desperate financial situation, the state still leads the country in one important metric... …college basketball championships. 
  • Bezos Vs Putin - Who Will Be The First Trillionaire?
    Authored by James Durso via TheHill.com, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is the one of the world’s richest men, and he may become the first trillionaire. But some think Russian President Vladimir Putin’s alleged $200 billion fortune surpasses Bezos’ paltry $90 billion. Who is really #1? It depends how you count. First, the numbers are dodgy. Putin critic Bill Browder, once Russia’s largest foreign investor, says Putin has a $200 billion fortune (compared to Russia’s $1.6 trillion GDP). Browder was ejected from Russia in 2005 after being designated a "threat to national security" and said of his activism, “I was not going after his [Putin’s] enemies, I was going after his [Putin’s] own financial interests.” He hasn’t produced any proof of the $200 billion other than his “belief,” but his humiliating ejection from Russia and the death in prison of hi­s lawyer, Sergei Magnitsky, might be related. Second, no one manages $200 billion by themselves. If Putin “had” $200 billion he would demand it be managed well, and that means managed as a portfolio. A portfolio similar in size to Putin’s is Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway with a total equity of $283 billion. What do you do with $283 billion? You buy things like a railroad or large, visible positions in the airline sector. (And after all that, Buffet still has $100 billion in cash left over.) Managing all that money requires lawyers and financial specialists who are world-class at managing money and keeping their mouths shut. Forever. The claim that Putin is richest man in the world rests on the assumption that he has front men managing his money. How easy is to do that and not be noticed? Well, for comparison, Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud of Saudi Arabia is worth $17.8 billion. But according to The Economist, “his sums don’t add up,” in part because he could be fronting for others members of the Saudi royal family. We can infer from this that Putin would need a herd of billionaires to do his bidding as his alleged fortune is almost 12 times larger than Alwaleed’s, while he has managed to maintain more secrecy than any Saudi royal. You have to go back in Russian history to know how Putin manages his assets. Back one hundred years in fact, to the reign of Czar Nicholas II when the wealth of the Romanovs was estimated to be $45 billion (in 1917 dollars) and it was “impossible to separate Czar Nicholas II's wealth from the state's.” Putin probably has a few billion somewhere just to oil the wheels, but who needs bank accounts when the assets of the state are yours? Like all politicians, Putin probably considers himself immortal. But he also probably remembers what happened to the families of Soviet officials who were purged: if they were lucky they survived their sentence to the Gulag. Which brings us to Putin’s friends and their children, the Kremlin juniors. Putin’s closest friends from St. Petersburg, such as Gennady Timchenko and Yuri Kovalchuk, the largest shareholder in Bank Rossiya, are reputed to be some of the sources of Putin’s wealth. As such, they were sanctioned by the U.S. in the wake of Russia’s seizure of Crimea but will likely stand firm because they believe in Putin and they know what happened to those in the first generation of oligarchs who wavered. Nikolai Shamalov is a Putin friend and co-founder with Putin and others of The Ozero (Lake) Cooperative, a development near St. Petersburg. (As Putin friends go, you don’t get closer than an Ozero owner.) His two sons, Yury and Kiril, went on to important positions in state-influenced companies, and Kiril married Putin’s daughter Katerina at a resort owned by Yuri Kovalchuk. The couple is reportedly worth $2 billion. Russia’s first post-Soviet ruling class may expire peacefully with substantial assets in the hands of their children. Do they have more money than Bezos? It’s hard to tell, but it doesn’t matter if you have the power. As he shuffles off this mortal coil, the unrepentant Chekist will smile knowing he beat them all.
  • Watchdog Group Files FOIA Request For Mnuchin's Flight Logs After Wife's Instagram Spat
    Steve Mnuchin's bombshell of a 'trophy wife', Scottish actress Louise Linton, is about to learn that there are consequences for snarky, condescending social media rants...well, for Republicans and their immediate family anyway.  Apparently Linton's now-infamous Instagram post yesterday responding to a social media troll has sparked the interest of a watchdog group called Citizens for Ethics and Responsibility in Washington (CREW) who has now filed a FOIA request for all of Steve Mnuchin's travel records.  Among other things, CREW seems to be alleging that Mnuchin and Linton planned their usage of a government plane around this week's eclipse. Per CREW's website, the FOIA request seeks the following: CREW requests:   1.  copies of all records concerning authorization for and the costs of Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin’s use of a government plane to travel to Lexington, Kentucky on Monday, August 21, accompanied by his wife Louise Linton. 2.  copies of all records concerning authorization for and the costs of Secretary Mnuchin’s use of a government plane for any purpose since his appointment as Treasury Secretary.   On August 21, 2017, Secretary Mnuchin and his wife Louise Linton travelled to Lexington, Kentucky, purportedly for the Secretary to present remarks along with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell at a luncheon sponsored by the Louisville chamber of commerce, Greater Louisville Inc. Afterward, Secretary Mnuchin and his wife “headed to Fort Know…to tour the bullion reserve at the Army post and view the eclipse.”   The requested records would shed light on the justification for Secretary Mnuchin’s use of a government plane, rather than a commercial flight, for a trip that seems to have been planned around the solar eclipse and to enable the Secretary to secure a viewpoint in the path of the eclipse’s totality. At a time of expected deep cuts to the federal budget, the taxpayers have a significant interest in learning the extent to which Secretary Mnuchin has used government planes for travel in lieu of commercial planes, and the justification for that use. And here is the full FOIA request:   Sorry, Louise...snark and beauty may have their career benefits in Hollywood but in Washington D.C., particularly when you're a member of a Republican administration completely hated by the Deep State, they only serve to increase the size of the target on your back. * * * For those who missed it, below is our post from yesterday on Linton's Instagram rant...complete with our thorough 'research' on her career 'accomplishments.' As was always likely, Treasury Secretary Mnuchin's wife Louise Linton has been forced to apologize for her Marie Antionette moment... A short and to the point statement read... "I apologize for my post on social media yesterday as well as my response. It was inappropriate and highly insensitive." We are sure that will satiate the twitter hordes that just got confirmation of everything they believed about 'the elites'. *  *  * As we detailed earlier, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin's 36-year-old (he's 52 btw) trophy wife Louise Linton has landed herself in a bit of hot water this morning after an epic social media rant against a taxpayer who took issue with one of her Instagram posts. Apparently @jennimiller29 didn't appreciate Linton hastagging her entire expensive wardrobe (including #rolandmouret, #tomford, #hermesscarf, and #valnetinorockstudheels) while traveling on a taxpayer funded private plane, during her husband's trip to "check" if the gold at Fort Knox is still there, which prompted the following snarky comment: "Glad we could pay for your little getaway." Let them eat cake: 2017 in your face editionhttps://t.co/jcTc4UqkK3 pic.twitter.com/KbkcF47bnJ — Sven Henrich (@NorthmanTrader) August 22, 2017 And while most folks have learned to simply ignore the social media trolls, Linton apparently has not...which is great news for everyone else because it prompted the following epic rant in reply: “Cute! Aw!!! Did you think this was a personal trip?! Adorable! Do you think the US govt paid for our honeymoon or personal travel?! Lololol. Have you given more to the economy than me and my husband? Either as an individual earner in taxes OR in self sacrifice to your country? I’m pretty sure we paid more taxes toward our day ‘trip’ than you did. Pretty sure the amount we sacrifice per year is a lot more than you’d be willing to sacrifice if the choice was yours. You’re adorably out of touch. Thanks for the passive aggressive nasty comment. Your kids look very cute. Your life looks cute. I know you’re mad but deep down you’re really nice and so am I. Sending me passive aggressive Instagram comments isn’t going to make life feel better. Maybe a nice message [sic], one filled with wisdom and hunanity [sic] would get more traction. Have a pleasant evening. Go chill out and watch the new game of thrones. It’s fab!” Louise Linton, wife of US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, just turned her Instagram private after posting this (h/t @skenigsberg) pic.twitter.com/beakVnAhhu — Margarita Noriega (@margarita) August 22, 2017 Others quickly chimed in: “Quite the populist hashtags on Louise Linton’s Instagram (Mnuchin’s wife), following her taxpayer-funded day trip to Kentucky,” joked Matt McDermott, a pollster and Associate Director at Whitman Insight Strategies. “Curiously this Instagram post is no longer available. F–king hedge funders,” wrote one Twitter user. “Louise Linton is a hideous person, growing fat off of our tax dollars,” another said. At one point during the evening, someone even went so far as to change Linton’s Wikipedia page to reflect her IG comment. “Never forget she posted this on Instagram,” the page read as of 10:30 p.m. Alas, in the end, it seems that only the President is permitted to post outlandish social media rants as Linton's post has since been deleted and her account turned private. Finally, since we know this is the only reason you clicked on this post anyway...here you go: Link for Linton's Maxim photoshoot

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  • Facing big fights, Kelly seeks to restore White House order
    WASHINGTON (AP) -- In his first month on the job, White House chief of staff John Kelly has made significant progress toward imposing discipline on a chaotic operation, even as it's clear he still struggles to have the same effect on the president himself....
  • Wrapped: Charlottesville covers Confederate statues in black
    CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (AP) -- Workers in Charlottesville draped giant black covers over two statues of Confederate generals on Wednesday to symbolize the city's mourning for a woman killed while protesting a white nationalist rally....
  • Lucky numbers for $758.7M Powerball jackpot drawn
    DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) -- Lottery players across the U.S. scooped up $2 Powerball tickets in hopes of beating the odds and winning a massive $758.7 million jackpot in Wednesday night's drawing....
  • Civilian drills grow lax among South Koreans used to threats
    SEOUL, South Korea (AP) -- Once or twice a year, activity on the streets of South Korea's capital freezes as a wailing siren marks a nationwide drill aimed at preparing against a North Korean attack. Cars stop on roads. Pedestrians move into buildings and subway stations. Government buildings are evacuated....
  • US Navy: Body found by Malaysia not one of McCain's missing
    SINGAPORE (AP) -- A body found at sea by Malaysian forces is not one of the 10 U.S. sailors missing after a collision between the USS John S. McCain and an oil tanker, the Navy's 7th Fleet said Thursday, as more Marine Corps divers joined a search of the destroyer's flooded compartments....
  • Ship collision exposes Southeast Asian territorial spat
    KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) -- The collision between the USS John S. McCain and an oil tanker has exposed a long-simmering dispute between Singapore and Malaysia over which country should control a 60-meter (197-foot) wide outcropping at the edge of the South China Sea....
  • Qatar restores diplomatic ties to Iran amid regional crisis
    DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) -- Qatar restored full diplomatic relations with Iran early Thursday, disregarding the demands of Arab nations now locked in a regional dispute with the energy-rich country that it lessen its ties to Tehran....
  • Republican agenda threatened by Trump-McConnell feud
    WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Donald Trump can't enact his agenda without Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. McConnell may not have a majority to lead without Trump's help. It's simple, and still so complicated....
  • Dutch police detain suspect in concert terror threat
    ROTTERDAM, Netherlands (AP) -- Dutch police investigating a terror threat that prompted the cancellation of a concert by an American rock band in Rotterdam arrested a 22-year-old man in the early hours of Thursday....
  • 12 dead as strong typhoon floods Macau, southern China
    HONG KONG (AP) -- The most powerful typhoon to hit the southern Chinese region in more than half a century left at least 12 dead as a sudden deluge swamped the gambling hub of Macau, submerging streets and stranding residents....



  • How Trump's Wall Could Shut the Government Down: QuickTake Q&A - Bloomberg
    BloombergHow Trump's Wall Could Shut the Government Down: QuickTake Q&ABloombergAt a raucous political rally in Phoenix on Aug. 22, U.S. President Donald Trump threatened to shut down the federal government if Congress refuses to send him a spending bill that funds the U.S.-Mexico border wall on which he staked his presidential ...Trump not backing down on shutdown threat over border wallThe HillFellow Republicans rebuke Trump over government shutdown threatNew York Daily NewsDollar regains some footing; focus on central bankersBusiness InsiderSalt Lake Tribune -CNBC -OCRegister -Boston Heraldall 285 news articles »
  • The smartest steps to take if you win the $700 million Powerball jackpot - Yahoo Sports
    Yahoo SportsThe smartest steps to take if you win the $700 million Powerball jackpotYahoo SportsThe jackpot for Wednesday's Powerball lottery is now at $700 million , the second-largest prize in the game's history. On the off chance you hold the winning numbers, you'll want to be smart about how you handle the windfall. After all, the CFP Board ...Powerball-winning ticket for $758.7 million jackpot sold in MassachusettsChicago TribuneThe second largest jackpot in Powerball history has a winnerWashington PostThe Latest: Official: Largest jackpot won by single ticketABC NewsNew York Daily News -AZCentral.com -CBS News -Newsweekall 413 news articles »
  • Why Trump couldn't quit Afghanistan - Washington Examiner
    Washington ExaminerWhy Trump couldn't quit AfghanistanWashington ExaminerPresident Trump was booed when he gave a long, angry speech in Phoenix; he was cheered when he vowed to continue a long, futile war in Afghanistan. These two facts say a great deal about our current political climate. They also explain why Trump's ...Judge Andrew Napolitano: If you can't change your mind, change the subjectFox NewsAP News in Brief at 12:04 am EDTWashington PostDana Milbank: Trump to be key voice as new wave of racial violence threatensPress HeraldOmaha World-Herald -Townhall -CNN -WTOPall 5,959 news articles »
  • Christopher Cantwell, White Nationalist, Surrenders to the Police - New York Times
    New York TimesChristopher Cantwell, White Nationalist, Surrenders to the PoliceNew York TimesA white nationalist whose behavior at the violent gatherings this month in Charlottesville, Va., brought him notoriety after he was featured in a widely viewed documentary, has turned himself into the authorities in Virginia days after warrants were ...White supremacist Christopher Cantwell surrenders to policeCNNCharlottesville violence: White supremacist Cantwell hands himself inBBC NewsWhite nationalist Chris Cantwell, wanted in Virginia on 3 felony charges, turns himself in: policeChicago TribunePEOPLE.com -NBCNews.com -Fox News -Newsdayall 123 news articles »
  • White House to issue guidance on transgender military ban, WSJ reports - CNN
    CNNWhite House to issue guidance on transgender military ban, WSJ reportsCNNWashington (CNN) The White House will send guidance to the Pentagon on President Donald Trump's transgender military ban -- including instructions to reject reject transgender applicants -- "in coming days," The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday ...Military Transgender Ban to Begin Within 6 Months, Memo SaysNew York TimesWhite House Gearing Up To Push Transgender Military Ban ForwardHuffPostWhite House said to be close on transgender military banPoliticoThe Hill -New York Magazine -New York Post -U.S. News & World Reportall 53 news articles »
  • 'I don't know how it got this bad': Trump supporters and protesters meet in Phoenix - Washington Post
    Washington Post'I don't know how it got this bad': Trump supporters and protesters meet in PhoenixWashington PostPHOENIX — Just before 4 p.m. on Tuesday, at an intersection near the convention center where President Trump was scheduled to hold a campaign rally, two vendors hawked products with competing messages. On one side of the street, two men sold “Make ...FACT CHECK: 10 Statements From Trump's Phoenix SpeechNPRThough No Longer Sheriff, Joe Arpaio Is Still a Polarizing FigureNew York TimesTrump Takes Authoritarian Stance In Portraying Journalists As Anti-American EnemyHuffPostPolitico -USA TODAY -ABC News -CNNall 2,506 news articles »
  • Tropical depression grows into threat for Texas coast - Houston Chronicle
    Houston ChronicleTropical depression grows into threat for Texas coastHouston ChronicleTropical Depression Harvey churned toward the Texas coast Wednesday, threatening to become the first hurricane to hit the state since Hurricane Ike pounded the region in 2008. The storm, which continued to gain strength as it moved slowly across the ...Why Tropical Storm Harvey is already being compared to AllisonChron.comUPDATE:Tropical Depression Harvey crawling across Gulf, expected to strengthenMonitorWhy New Orleans should be paying attention to Tropical Depression HarveyNOLA.comThe Mercury Newsall 738 news articles »
  • Post-Charlottesville, Confederate monuments begin to fall across the US - USA TODAY
    USA TODAYPost-Charlottesville, Confederate monuments begin to fall across the USUSA TODAYThe city of Charlottesville draped two Confederate monuments in black tarp Wednesday afternoon as a symbol of the city's mourning for a woman who was killed while protesting a white nationalist rally. The work Wednesday began in Emancipation Park, ...The Latest: Police say white nationalist turns himself inWashington PostUT removed Confederate statues from campus, not the classroomThe Hill (blog)Charlottesville Shrouds Its Robert E. Lee And Stonewall Jackson StatuesNPRHuffPost -Reuters -ABC News -Dallas Newsall 457 news articles »
  • Trump-McConnell feud simmers as GOP watches in horror - CNN
    CNNTrump-McConnell feud simmers as GOP watches in horrorCNN(CNN) Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell aren't exactly kissing and making up. The unflattering details of a rapidly deteriorating relationship between the President and the Senate Majority Leader spilled out into the open this month -- an angry phone ...Will GOP Pay a Price for Trying to Take Health Care Benefits From Voters?Daily BeastThe President Turns on His OwnNew York TimesHigh Stakes September: Packed Legislative Agenda Will Test Congress, TrumpBreitbart NewsNew York Daily News -New York Timesall 370 news articles »
  • Mayweather-McGregor is a battle for supremacy between boxing and mixed martial arts - Los Angeles Times
    Los Angeles TimesMayweather-McGregor is a battle for supremacy between boxing and mixed martial artsLos Angeles TimesFloyd Mayweather Jr. sought to educate Conor McGregor about the difference between a lifetime commitment to boxing and McGregor's recent dalliance. “One thing you should know about boxing: If you give it, you must be able to take it,” Mayweather told ...Dana White ready to hear excuses after Conor McGregor knocks out Floyd MayweatherMMA FightingWBC to award The Money Belt to winner of Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor fightESPNMcGregor ready for anything after 'scary training session'New York PostBoxing News 24 -BoxingScene.com -Bloody Elbow -Sherdog.comall 677 news articles »

The Free Speech Wars Have Begun


Horoscopes are Cancer

Buzzfeed is Cancer

CNN is Cancer

MTV is Cancer

Feminism is Cancer

Is Cancer

I have not been observing @MeTV  OTA (Over The Air) whatsoever the last month or so since @KLAXTV’s transmitter went to low power due to lightening strike.


I spy giggles.  #Svengoolie

Still making pigs fly.

A World Mix of Headlines

Results May Vary

The Electronic Civil War is the Battle Of Our Times

“For those in the conservative movement to think that you’re going to change minds only by preaching to the choir, you don’t understand how media works. So that’s probably the most potent weapon out there is to go fight the fire, go towards the fire.” – Andrew Breitbart

Righteous Indignation: Excuse Me While I Save the World!

Hating Breitbart

The army of the emboldened and gleefully ill-informed is growing.

It’s a democracy, and the reason why the conservative movement loses is because it believes that it is elite, that the smartest in its midst who have gone to the right schools and who have worked at the right think tanks and have the right opinions and the right friends can run it for the rest of America. That’s why I’m a Tea Party adherent over a Republican or conservative establishment adherent.

My goal is to try to weaponize the American people, try to weaponize the conservative movement, try to weaponize the underground conservative Hollywood movement, to weaponize as many people in the center-right country to try to rectify a generation-plus long problem that has been absolute media bias, absolute media used by the Democratic Party as a tool to defeat conservatives

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"Here's the story. It's a no-brainer. #FreeThePickle. It's true, believe me. I mean, duh! It's 𝐘𝐔𝐆𝐄. Gotta free it."

“Here’s the story. It’s a no-brainer. #FreeThePickle. It’s true, believe me. I mean, duh! It’s 𝐘𝐔𝐆𝐄. Gotta free it.”




Who is the father?

Who is the father?

Who let the dogs escape?

Who let the dogs escape?



Oh noes! Illuminati!





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