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I-49 at Pineville Expressway

I-49: I-49 at US-71

I-49 at US-71

I-49: I-49 at US-165/71

I-49 at US-165/71


Gov. Edwards declares state of emergency following tornadoes

9 Tornadoes Reported in Louisiana, Mississippi

NASA facility with deep-space rocket takes direct hit from a tornado

Multiple tornadoes reported in New Orleans, Baton Rouge

Officials confirm damage to home due to tornado touchdown

Tornado inflicts major damage in New Orleans East

Louisiana politician recall would be easier under Rep. Paul Hollis’ proposal

Louisiana state senator resigns rather than face expulsion

Pictures, court documents uncover abuse allegations against State Senator Troy Brown

911 audio: After Sen. Troy Brown’s domestic abuse case, some legislators call for his dismissal

Despite 2 domestic abuse cases, state senator refuses to resign

Car plunges into Louisiana river, killing Tennessee woman

Tucker Carlson Debates New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu Over Sanctuary Cities

14-year-old student in custody after shots fired at Scotlandville High School

Illegal Alligator Egg Collectors Sentenced in Vermilion Parish

Woman with 133 cats accused of animal cruelty

5 times in 5 weeks, more arrests made for trespassing in Tiger Stadium

Researcher maps hidden graveyards of slaves who once tilled Louisiana sugar cane fields

A turn to Independent? Some voters in Louisiana strive for an ‘anti-party’

Anxiety runs high leading up to Spanish Town parade about whether 2017 parade will have racist, sexist jokes

Gov. Edwards unveils his plan to fix $304M budget shortfall

Wanted: $304 million as Louisiana Legislature tries to erase budget deficit

Governor Edwards Expected To Issue Call For Special Session Beginning Feb. 13th

Gov. Edwards to issue call for another special session

Governor’s Office Makes Case To Use Rainy Day Fund To Close Budget Gap

Bottom line: State has $313M budget hole

Louisiana House GOP leader unveils plan to wipe out state’s $304M budget deficit

Edwards’ office calls GOP leader’s plan ‘vague’

Rare good news for Louisiana state budget, Gov. John Bel Edwards admin reveals

House GOP poised to reject use of Rainy Day Fund

Louisiana Task Force: Wholesale changes needed to lower tax rates, reduce tax breaks

Jamie Lynn Spears’ Dad Begs For Prayers After Her Daughter’s Scary ATV Accident

Annette Bening to play Louisiana Governor for ‘Katrina: American Crime Story’

What we know about Mitch Landrieu’s proposed 3 a.m. closed-door rule for New Orleans bars

Cuban trade officials, Louisiana business leaders meet at Port of New Orleans to talk trade opportunities

Louisiana not seeing as many flu cases as other states

What does Trump’s order on sanctuary cities mean for New Orleans?

Zurik: Toni Rice resigns from Multicultural Tourism Network

Family members remember former KNOE host Earnie Miles


5 tornadoes cause injuries, damage Saturday in Louisiana

Audit finds former Angola warden used public money and prison workers on his personal homes

Louisiana lawyer who worked for marijuana has license suspended

10 Of The Silliest Laws In Louisiana

Six productions underway in Hollywood South after slow 2016

Sen. Cassidy introduces Obamacare alternative

Elections chief says no evidence of voter fraud in Louisiana

The day New Orleans burned (the first time)

US Rep Higgins: ‘It’s A New Day In America’

West Monroe band salutes its Louisiana roots

Mardis, ‘Mr. Wonder’ cases among those to watch in 2017

Alleged transgender hate crime caught on camera

Among latest commutations: 2 dozen from Louisiana

Gov Edwards Receives Blessing From Pope Francis To Combat Human Trafficking

Gov. John Bel Edwards, others from Louisiana meet Pope Francis in Italy

Gov. John Bel Edwards’ office clarifies he’s paying for his trip to Italy; state will still foot bill for security detail

Ruston man hoping to break world record for biggest rubber band ball

Police: Wheels stolen off vehicles 7 times in 2 months

Video of an ATV driver doing donuts on I-10 is going viral

Riverside elementary teacher threatens to kill PTA president

Doyline mayor arrested on domestic violence charge

Jealousy leads to dismemberment homicide in Kenner, police say

Historic MLK Hearse part of DeRidder commemoration

Louisiana Is Still The Prison Capital Of The World

Louisiana has one-fifth as many public defenders as needed, study says

Groups slam Louisiana’s public defender system in lawsuit

The cost of justice targets the poor, new report claims

Families spend millions on phone calls from Louisiana inmates

2 freed after being illegally jailed, but ‘over 100’ others affected by missing paperwork: lawyers

Group: New Orleans inmates held months after sentences end

Orleans DA Leon Cannizzaro, City Council members spar over teen convictions

Director of La. State Police Commission resigns amid controversy

“‘Caddo Parish is going to sue itself or its Commissioners, is that what you are saying?’”

Louisiana brothers use trickery, Coke bottle to catch man suspected of selling fake tickets to title game

‘Recent devastation in Louisiana tailor-made opportunity for the Clinton Foundation to help out. Didn’t happen.’

Louisiana Rep Says Being Made to Wait to Testify Last At Sessions Hearings Is Like Being on ‘Back of the Bus’

Black carjackers arrested, then play for HS basketball team the next day in Shreveport

Fair Park basketball player, brother charged in New Years Day carjacking

Wildlife agent shot 5 times scheduled to be released from hospital

Two facing charges for shooting of wildlife agent Tyler Wheeler

Bond denied for pair accused in shooting of wildlife agent

AG Jeff Landry Announces Arrest Of Illegal Alien For Alleged Child Exploitation

Elio a no-show to meeting with Louisiana officials about possible state law violations

Audits unveil new Jindal-era financial problems: misspent money, shoddy bookkeeping, lost property

‘Drain the Swamp’ has Louisiana roots

Louisiana school with Confederate flag strife to perform at Donald Trump inauguration: report

I have not been observing @MeTV  OTA (Over The Air) whatsoever the last month or so since @KLAXTV’s transmitter went to low power due to lightening strike.


I spy giggles.  #Svengoolie

Still making pigs fly.

A World Mix of Headlines

Results May Vary

The Electronic Civil War is the Battle Of Our Times

“For those in the conservative movement to think that you’re going to change minds only by preaching to the choir, you don’t understand how media works. So that’s probably the most potent weapon out there is to go fight the fire, go towards the fire.” – Andrew Breitbart

Righteous Indignation: Excuse Me While I Save the World!

Hating Breitbart

The army of the emboldened and gleefully ill-informed is growing.

It’s a democracy, and the reason why the conservative movement loses is because it believes that it is elite, that the smartest in its midst who have gone to the right schools and who have worked at the right think tanks and have the right opinions and the right friends can run it for the rest of America. That’s why I’m a Tea Party adherent over a Republican or conservative establishment adherent.

My goal is to try to weaponize the American people, try to weaponize the conservative movement, try to weaponize the underground conservative Hollywood movement, to weaponize as many people in the center-right country to try to rectify a generation-plus long problem that has been absolute media bias, absolute media used by the Democratic Party as a tool to defeat conservatives.

Louisana Legislature’s leaders reach tentative budget deal, but need more House members to get on board

Louisiana Is Now The Worst State For Business

#OnlyInLouisiana Is Now A Thing

Ex-Angola Warden Burl Cain, 2 officials remain as defendants in sexual assault lawsuit

Mitch Landrieu says All-Star Weekend success due to ‘diversity, inclusion’

After troopers’ Las Vegas ‘side trip,’ big changes for Louisiana State Police

Town of Ball holds first ever Mardi Gras parade

Louisiana Senate votes to invite Sec. of Education Betsy DeVos to visit public schools

Feds: Man known as ‘Hitler’ led violent pot trafficking ring between Bay Area and Louisiana

Scammer tells Metairie man he’s owed a grant by the government

Toshiba’s Nuclear Reactor Mess Winds Back to a Louisiana Swamp

Zurik: ‘Snapper barons’ raking in riches from public resource

Louisiana needs to bring back cane-pole fishing without a license. -jWe

Phillips 66 pipeline fire in Paradis extinguished, missing worker presumed dead




Winona Rider’s Faaaaace

#Breaking Twitter Spam




Zero Hedge

The Daily Caller

Info Wars

Project Veritas Action



So help me God.


Anti-Trump ‘Resistance’ Aims To Make America ‘Ungovernable’

Records: Soros Fund Execs Funded Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, John McCain, John Kasich, Lindsey Graham in 2016


Trump: “People will realize it’s my real hair” if it rains at inauguration

Pastor Tells Trump, ‘In The Bible, Rain Is The Sign Of God’s Blessing, And It Started To Rain, Mr. President, When You Came To The Platform’…


DEPLORABALL Inaugural Ball feat. Mike Cernovich, James O’Keefe, Jack Posobiec


Chaotic Scene at Anti-Trump Rally in D.C.

Trump Supporter Suckerpunched at Deploraball

TRUMP SUPPORTERS BEATEN-BLOODIED Outside #DeploraBall – Pummeled With Eggs, Batteries!

“Screw Our President” Says Boy After Starting Fire to Protest Trump

Gavin McInnes Street Fights His Way Past Urine And Feces Wielding Protestors At Deploraball

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Minds Freed

The Free Speech Wars Have Begun

The Enemy of the People

Milo Resigns from Breitbart

Is this the end of Milo? – Breitbart’s Lee Stranahan

Milo Yiannopoulos LOSES his $250k book deal amid outrage at pedophilia comments as Breitbart workers threaten to quit if he isn’t sacked

PewDiePie Responds to ‘Anti-Semitic Videos’ Controversy

‘Adult Swim’ Fired Me For Supporting Donald Trump — Here’s How It Went Down

Trudeau demands “feminist round table” from Trump

Liberals Attack ACLU for Defending Milo Yiannopoulos’ Right to Free Speech

Disney Cuts Ties to YouTube Superstar PewDiePie

Tucker Takes on Student Who Called for NYU to Shut Down College Republicans

Revealed: FBI terrorism taskforce investigating Standing Rock activists


Milo And Alex Jones Announce Back To Berkeley To Confront Violent Snowflakes

Liberal: Why I want Milo Yiannopoulos on my campus

Berkeley Student Newspaper Publishes Essays Defending Violence

Rebel reporters under attack: Hiring Bodyguards, Suing

Hoo boy: NYU prof goes berserk, demands NYPD beat up Gavin McInnes supporters outside campus speech

Gavin McInnes Is Threatening To Sue WSN. Can He?

Gavin McInnes: Politics “is just fashion” for these violent “anti-fascists”

“Low quality tweets”. WTF?

The Social Media Hive Mind

Throttling Theory

Twitter Shadowbanning ‘Real and Happening Every Day’ Says Inside Source

Twitter promises more censorship with new site update

Facebook’s and Google’s efforts to stunt the spread of fake news

Internet filtering as a form of soft censorship


Should Be Sued For Fraud’ — Matt Drudge Unloads On Republicans


Where there is a demand, there is a supply.  Who is demanding these services? A demand for a product and service  that anyone involved with knows the general planet regards  as pure evil. An extremely risky service to provide.  Who can afford such services? Who can afford and has the power to cover-up such services?

Ashton Kutcher Near TEARS in EMOTIONAL Opening Testimony at Senate Hearing on Human Trafficking

Ex-Penn State coach Sandusky’s son charged with child sex abuse

Establishment Media Afraid/Censors Joe Rogan And Alex Jones Podcast

Dennis Hastert, Who Abused Teenage Boys, Is Just Tip of Iceberg

Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin hope to keep the sexting politico out of jail

Jeffrey Epstein documentary being planned

Clintons’ Pedophile Pal Jeffrey Epstein Sued AGAIN For ‘Sex Crimes’

Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein is accused of luring an underage girl into his elaborate sex trafficking enterprise under the guise of using his wealth and connections to get her into a prestige NYC college

Expert sees parallels in MSU, Penn State sex assault cases

Sandusky’s Bob Costas interview called into question in latest court filing

Penn State seeks to overturn verdict for ex-assistant Mike McQueary

Former Penn State administrators get new trial date in Sandusky child endangerment case

Rose McGowen Tweets About Being Raped By Hollywood Executive: ‘They Shamed Me While Adulating My Rapist’ 

Elijah Wood: Hollywood Full of ‘Organized’ Child Sex Abuse

Corey Feldman on Elijah Wood Hollywood Pedophilia Controversy: “I Would Love to Name Names”

Corey Haim & Corey Feldman are the subject of a new movie: What we know so far

474 Arrested, 28 Sexually Exploited Children Rescued During Statewide Human Trafficking Operation: LASD

PIZZAGATE: Public Hangings Required To Restore Confidence

CBS News Ben Swann does a “Reality Check” on Pizzagate

What Has Happened To Ben Swann Following His #Pizzagate ‘Reality Check’?

Ben Swann, CBS Anchor Who Defended Pizzagate, Deletes Entire Social Media Presence

Alex Jones & Joe Rogan Breakdown PizzaGate Pedophile Cult

Joe Rogan Experience #911 – Alex Jones & Eddie Bravo


Wireless Ball Mouse T-Shirt

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"Here's the story. It's a no-brainer. #FreeThePickle. It's true, believe me. I mean, duh! It's 𝐘𝐔𝐆𝐄. Gotta free it."

“Here’s the story. It’s a no-brainer. #FreeThePickle. It’s true, believe me. I mean, duh! It’s 𝐘𝐔𝐆𝐄. Gotta free it.”




Who is the father?

Who is the father?

Who let the dogs escape?

Who let the dogs escape?



Oh noes! Illuminati!





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