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  • SHAFFER: Trump Made The Right Move Killing Reagan-Era Nuclear Treaty With Russia
    If Democrats still think President Trump is working to serve Russian interests, they should take a closer look at his move to exit the INF Treaty with Moscow
  • Weiner Goes Free: Stiff Sentence Turns Soft As Ex-Congressman Gets Early Release
    After he helped change the course of US history by prompting the FBI to reopen its investigation into Hillary Clinton's use of a personal email server during the final days of the 2016 campaign, former New York Congressman and ex-husband of Hillary aide Huma Abedin has been released from federal prison a few months ahead of schedule thanks to his 'good behavior' on the inside, according to a TMZ report. To be sure, Weiner must spend a few more months under federal supervision before he's completely in the clear. Under the terms of his release, Weiner must now spend a few additional months in federal custody, either in a half way house or other supervised pre-release program, before he can lawfully reenter society. Weiner served his time at the Federal Medical Center in Devens, Mass., where he received treatment for his "condition" of being a sex offender. Weiner resigned from Congress after his first sex offender scandal in 2011, then his comeback campaign for New York City mayor floundered in 2013 when he was...um...exposed for sexting porn star Sydney Leathers using the now infamous alias "Carlos Danger". The third incident, which earned him a conviction on federal sex offender charges of improper sexual contact with a minor, finally destroyed his marriage to Abedin. Weiner began serving what was supposed to be a 21-month prison sentence in November 2017 after pleading guilty to sexting with a 15-year-old North Carolina girl. He was scheduled to be released in August, 2019, but managed to slash 3 months off his sentence for good behavior, moving his departure date from federal custody to May 14. TMZ reported that he will leave federal custody entirely on that date.
  • Cory Booker Called Smollett ‘Attack’ A ‘Lynching,’ Now He’s Refusing Comment Amid New Evidence In The Case
    'I'm going to withhold until all the information comes out'
  • Teen who joined IS in Syria gives birth, seeks return to Britain
    Shamima Begum, a British teenager who left the country to join the Islamic State, gave birth to a boy, her family said through their lawyer Sunday.
  • Violent sex offender arrested in Quebec after fleeing Vancouver halfway house
    Vancouver police say Joseph Davis was arrested early Sunday morning.
  • Waters Welcoming Repubs to Take to the Streets for Impeachment Protests This Weekend
    CANADA FREE PRESS YO, RINOS, Trump haters, political opportunists, Judases, and publicity hounds: Rep. Maxine Waters is calling you out [READ MORE] The post Waters Welcoming Repubs to Take to the Streets for Impeachment Protests This Weekend appeared first on The Savage Nation.
  • ANDREW McCABE CAUGHT LYING UNDER OATH! — And He Admits It in “60 Minutes” Interview!
    GATEWAY PUNDIT Fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe will appear on ’60 Minutes’ tonight in his first national interview since [READ MORE] The post ANDREW McCABE CAUGHT LYING UNDER OATH! — And He Admits It in “60 Minutes” Interview! appeared first on The Savage Nation.
  • Schiff-ting The Goal Posts: House Intel Chairman Claims Trump-Russia Collusion "Compelling" But Not Necessarily "Criminal"
    House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff, one of the most visible purveyors of the narrative that Trump and his associates engaged in a criminal conspiracy with Russia to rig the 2016 election, apparently no longer believes that Trump committed a crime by "colluding" with the Russians. During an appearance on CNN's State of the Union on Sunday, Schiff ticked off a litany of suspicious activities involving Trump and his associates that he said suggest that collusion did take place - but instead of labeling the behavior as evidence of a criminal conspiracy, Schiff declared that "there's a difference between seeing eidence of collusion and being able to prove a criminal conspiracy beyond a reasonable doubt" and that it would be "up to Mueller" to determine whether Trump or senior members of his campaign team broke the law. Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff: “You can see evidence in plain sight on the issue of collusion, pretty compelling evidence. Now, there’s a difference between seeing evidence of collusion and being able to prove a criminal conspiracy beyond a reasonable doubt” #CNNSOTU pic.twitter.com/Ep6Cj4u7Mu — CNN Politics (@CNNPolitics) February 17, 2019 Schiff was responding to a question about the Senate Intelligence Committee's recent decision to wind down its probe into whether the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians. Senate Intel Chairman Richard Burr - whom, as CNN said, hasn't "exactly been a rapid partisan" on this topic - declared that the committee didn't find sufficient evidence of collusion. Thouigh Schiff said that both he and Senate Intel Ranking Member Mark Warner disagreed with this assessment, he conceded that it would be "up to Mueller" to reach a final conclusion. BASH: This week, the chair, your counterpart in the Senate, the Republican chair of the Intelligence Committee, Richard Burr, said that his committee has found nothing to suggest collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. You said - quote - "That's not our view in the House." But, you know, Burr hasn't exactly been a rabid partisan on this. Until the last couple of weeks, he's been working very closely with the Democrats. So, why do you think he's wrong? SCHIFF: Well, it's not just that I think he's wrong. Mark Warner, the vice chair of the Intel Committee in the Senate, also disagrees with that assessment. But, look, you can see evidence in plain sight on the issue of collusion, pretty compelling evidence. Now, there's a difference between seeing evidence of collusion and being able to prove a criminal conspiracy beyond a reasonable doubt. But Mr. - Chairman Burr must have a different word for it, because, when you look, for example, at the e-mails to set up the meeting in Trump Tower, it was offered to the Trump campaign, to the president's own son, dirt on Hillary Clinton as part of what was described as the Russian government's effort to help Donald Trump in the campaign. And the response from the campaign was, we would love to have the help. Now, that's an offer of help. That's an acceptance of help. There's an overt act in the Trump Tower in furtherance of that. And, of course, that's not even contemplating the discussions with George Papadopoulos or the information about the efforts that Mike Flynn made to work with the Russian ambassador secretly to undermine sanctions and then lie about that. All of this is evidence of collusion. And you either have to look the other way to say it isn't, or you have to have a different word for it, because it is a corrupt dealing with a foreign adversary during a campaign. But, again, it will be up to Mueller to determine whether that amounts to criminal conspiracy. As CNN producer Marshall Cohen pointed out in a tweet, Schiff's phrasing suggested he was "moving the goalposts a bit" as Mueller prepares to wind down his investigation. Schiff is moving the goalposts a bit here as Mueller winds down, saying there is proof of collusion but not not necessarily in a criminal sense. https://t.co/dhE7NimsUM — Marshall Cohen (@MarshallCohen) February 17, 2019 Schiff's comments followed the revelation by Mueller that his team had come into possession of copies of Stone's correspondence with Wikileaks, which hadn't been concluded in the original indictment. When asked about this, Schiff said that it's just more evidence that there's more going on behind the scenes in the Mueller probe than has been revealed in the indictments. But whether that includes any actual evidence of criminal wrongdoing will likely remain a mystery until Mueller's final report is released.
  • Flames shoot from ground in NYC manhole explosions
    (ABC7NY) — Broadway shows are resuming after two manholes exploded in Manhattan Saturday night, sending flames shooting from the ground and causing the evacuation of a theater complex. The explosion happened on 50th Street and 8th Avenue in Midtown. All Saturday evening performances scheduled at New World Stages – ‘Jersey Boys,’ ‘Avenue Q,’ ‘The Play that Goes Wrong,’ ‘Puffs,’ and ‘A Spirited History of Drinking’ were canceled. The post Flames shoot from ground in NYC manhole explosions appeared first on WND.
  • 15 Celebrities Who Blamed Trump, Deplorables for Hoax Attack on Jussie Smollett
    Left-wing Hollywood wasted no time in politicizing and blaming President Donald Trump and his supporters for an alleged hate crime attack on Empire actor Jussie Smollett -- an encounter that police now reportedly believe to have been staged.
  • Ascension police identify Donaldsonville party triple shooting suspect
    Ascension Parish deputies have identified one of the suspects in a rap party shooting in Donaldsonville early Saturday morning.
  • Website uses artificial intelligence to generate realistic human faces from scratch
    Every time a visitor to the website, ThisPersonDoesNotExist, reloads the page, an algorithm generates a lifelike human that doesn't actually belong to anyone. 
  • Ex-congressman Weiner released from prison after sexting scandal
    Anthony Weiner, the disgraced former congressman who helped play a role in Hillary Clinton's defeat in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, has been released from federal prison after serving about 14 months for exchanging sexually explicit texts with a 15-year-old girl.
  • NYPD Commander Reportedly Told Cops to Shoot 50 Cent ‘On Sight’ - Rolling Stone
    NYPD Commander Reportedly Told Cops to Shoot 50 Cent ‘On Sight’  Rolling StoneThe NYPD is investigating a Brooklyn-based commanding officer who allegedly threatened to end rapper 50 Cent's life. The commander, Deputy Inspector ...View full coverage on Google News
  • Timeline: Jussie Smollett Hate Hoax Attack
    Weeks after "Empire" actor Jussie Smollett made allegations that he was violently beaten by men who hurled racist and homophobic slurs at him, placed a rope around his neck like a noose, and shouted, "This is MAGA country," local authorities suspect Smollett of orchestrating the attack.
  • Student Accused of Threatening to Beat Teacher, Refusing to Recite 'Racist' Pledge
    An 11-year-old Florida student was arrested for allegedly threatening to beat his teacher because he refused to recite the Pledge of Allegiance, calling the pledge "racist" to black people.
  • Gillibrand on Removing Existing Border Barriers: ‘I Could Support It’
    ‘If it makes sense I could support it’
  • OLOWSKI: Trump Uses National Emergency For Its Intended Purpose — Defending America
    The president is using the National Emergencies Act to address a problem related to the only nation he’s constitutionally obligated to defend
  • Climate Change Religion And Related Cover-Ups: What The Hell Is NASA Hiding?
    Authored by Mike Shedlock via MishTalk, The shrill voices of climate change hucksters get louder every day. Supposedly the world will end in 12 years. It won't. Someone asked me on Twitter today "who are you to debate climate scientists." Well, who are priests and clergy to debate Darwinism? Should we prevent debate that does not suit us? Here's a widely held view: Climate Change Denial Should Be a Crime In 1663, leading scientists all thought the sun revolved around the earth. The Catholic Church Convicted Galileo of Heresy for disputing the claim. Supposedly, we are brighter today. But why do we have scientists faking data and suppressing data that does not meet the cause? Climategate The Climate Scandal of the Decade involves fundamentally flawed methods and data manipulation to produce a "hockey stick" rise in temperatures. When the statistical methods used to create the "hockey stick" were first exposed as fundamentally flawed by an expert Canadian statistician Steve McIntyre , an increasingly heated battle has been raging between Mann's supporters, calling themselves "the Hockey Team", and McIntyre and his own allies, as they have ever more devastatingly called into question the entire statistical basis on which the IPCC and CRU construct their case. There are three threads in particular in the leaked documents which have sent a shock wave through informed observers across the world. Perhaps the most obvious, as lucidly put together by Willis Eschenbach (see McIntyre's blog Climate Audit and Anthony Watt's blog Watts Up With That ), is the highly disturbing series of emails which show how Dr Jones and his colleagues have for years been discussing the devious tactics whereby they could avoid releasing their data to outsiders under freedom of information laws. They have come up with every possible excuse for concealing the background data on which their findings and temperature records were based. This in itself has become a major scandal, not least Dr Jones's refusal to release the basic data from which the CRU derives its hugely influential temperature record, which culminated last summer in his startling claim that much of the data from all over the world had simply got "lost". Most incriminating of all are the emails in which scientists are advised to delete large chunks of data, which, when this is done after receipt of a freedom of information request, is a criminal offence. But the question which inevitably arises from this systematic refusal to release their data is – what is it that these scientists seem so anxious to hide? What the Hell Is NASA Hiding? Forgive me for asking, but What the Hell Is NASA Hiding? If you click on that link it will display this message. The article has been suppressed since 2010. I commend an unknown person who made the following screen shot. I saw it in a Tweet, captured the image, but failed to record the person who snapped the image or the Tweet itself. Blocked Article ​ The above image is difficult to read as presented, but I enlarged the image many times to make the transcript below. The words are all legible. Here is a partial transcript starting with the opening paragraph, with all pertinent views from both sides captured fully. Emphasis is mine. The Sun is the primary forcing of the Earth's climate system. ... In short, the Sun drives almost every aspect of our world's climate system and makes possible life as we know it. Earth's orbit around and orientation toward the Sun change over spans of many thousands of years. In turn, these changing "orbital mechanics" force climate to change because they change where and how much sunlight reaches Earth. (Please see for more details). [Mish Comment: Unfortunately we can't.] Thus, changing Earth's exposure forces climate to change. According to scientists' models of Earth's orbit and orientation towards the sun indicate that our world should just be beginning to enter a new period of cooling - perhaps the next ice age. Human Impact The text does discuss humans. After the industrial revolution, humans introduced increasing amounts of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere, and changed the surface of the landscape to an extent great enough to influence climate on a local and global level. I can accept that. I can also accept that temperatures are rising, while disputing the amount for many reasons. NASA Conclusion Scientists are using NASA satellites to monitor all of the aforementioned forcings of Earth's climate system to better understand how they are changing over time, and how any changes in them affect climate. Left Unsaid Any data that does not agree with climate foregone conclusions, will be wiped away. I just offered strong evidence. What else has NASA suppressed? Why do we need to suppress well-written articles when many scientists have doubts? Precession That's right. It's called * Präzession * Earth needs ca. 25.000 years for orbit the sun. The position earth to sun makes the planet warmer or colder pic.twitter.com/9w24JThWVH — Agnes de Berlimont 💥 💚‼️⭐⭐⭐‼️🇩🇪🌷 (@AgnesdeBerlimon) February 12, 2019 Humans Humans breathe oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. Perhaps we have a solution that no one will endorse. At the very minimum, why aren't any of the global warming advocates promoting distribution of free birth control pills? Earth's Magnetic Field Flip Could Happen Sooner Than Expected Scientific American reports the Earth's Magnetic Field Flip Could Happen Sooner Than Expected. Changes measured by the Swarm satellite show that our magnetic field is weakening 10 times faster than originally predicted, especially over the Western Hemisphere Scientists do not know why. What else don't they know? What do they think they know, that's false? Background Radiation - Cloud Mystery - Cosmic Rays The Cloud Mystery is a documentary that explores the published theory by Danish scientist Henrik Svensmark on how galactic cosmic rays, the earth's position in the Milky Way, and solar activity affect cloud cover, and how this influences the earth's climate. Svensmark believes the earth's position in the milky way as it moves in and out of various spiral arms affects the amount of radiation hitting the earth and affecting long temperature cycles. Fossil evidence suggest his theory is reasonable, if not entirely correct. Perhaps Svensmark is the modern day Galileo. The video is long. But please play it! "You must take the Milky Way Into account if you want to take past variations of the climate into account. The whole solar system rotates around the Milky Way once every 250 million years. That's one galactic year". Those clips start at about the 30 minute mark or so. The video is quite fascinating. I suggest you play it all. Hardly anyone will. Most prefer to believe Al Gore's lies. Inconvenient Truth - Al Gore Lies On October 12, 2007, ABC news commented on An Inconvenient Verdict for Al Gore. One day before Friday's announcement that he was a co-winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, a British High Court judge ruled that Gore's global warming film, "An Inconvenient Truth," while "broadly accurate," contained nine significant errors. High Court Judge Michael Burton said that the film is "substantially founded upon scientific research and fact" but that the errors were made in "the context of alarmism and exaggeration." In the late 2000s, Al Gore made a series of high-profile statements suggesting the possibility that Arctic sea ice could be completely gone during the summer by around 2013 or 2014. Gore said the probability was 75%, a figure he claims was from other scientists. Onward, Climate Soldiers ​ Please consider 'Onward, Climate Soldiers' Former politician and current entrepreneur Al Gore has been preparing an army of devotees to fight for the atmosphere. This air force has been trained in multi-day indoctrination sessions via slick PowerPoint slides that have become part and parcel of the former vice president’s tactic. Such training, under the flag of the Climate Reality Project, has reportedly produced more than 15,000 Climate Reality leaders worldwide. The Climate Reality website urges participants to: “Fight like your world depends on it.” The political world of command and control certainly does. Prophets of doom use the power of the purse to pursue penitent proselytes to produce profits from PowerPoints. OK, the alliteration may be a bit much, but the catastrophe promoters certainly reap fortune from misfortune. The misfortune includes skewed science. Everyone seems to be cashing in on the doomsday predictions, from private companies (consulting and technology firms) and academic institutions (university research and education) to governments with their expanding power and workforces. The big losers are, as usual, the ones stuck paying the bill — the middle-class taxpayers and the world’s poor. Science also ends up losing thanks to a system of penalties and rewards favoring the crisis-mongers. Yet, onward, climate soldiers, marching as to war, with the power and purse of politics going on before. Anthony J. Sadar is a certified consulting meteorologist and author of “In Global Warming We Trust: Too Big to Fail” (Stairway Press, 2016). Complex Systems Reducing extremely complex systems that evolve over hundreds of millions of years to a single component, CO2, measured over hundreds or even thousands of years, is logically absurd. I am willing to concede - and always have - that man is responsible for a percentage of global warming. I do not know what that percentage is, but it is clear that it has been exaggerated and that contrary evidence has been suppressed. True Believers The true believers think we can take "all of the aforementioned forcings of Earth's climate system", reduce them to man-made CO2 and ignore the sun, ignore random fluctuations, ignore Precession, ignore the earth's position in the Milky Way, ignore background radiation, ignore sunspot cycles, and ignore any other scientific data that does not fit their model. Of course, that means ... Mish is a Climate Denier Criminal Who am I? Who is Galileo, and How Dare NASA Scientists Write That! Despite the lies, the data manipulations, the article suppression, and Lord only knows what we don't see but should, anyone who does not accept obvious bullshit that the earth will end in 12 years (or whenever) is a criminal climate denier. Who am I? Scientifically Nobody I may be nobody, but scientist Henrik Svensmark is somebody, and he makes sense to me. Fossil evidence supports his theory. Sunspot cycle theories also make sense to me. On the other side we have the blatant lies of Al Gore, coverups and lies by hockey stick proponents, data manipulations, and evidence suppression by NASA and elsewhere. The fact that we have all these lies, coverups, data revisions, and even theory revisions is damning evidence that something is seriously wrong with the simple man-made CO2 global warming thesis presented. To top it off, we have totally absurd hype by AOC who warns us the World Will End in 12 Years if we do not address climate change. People are willing to embrace such total and complete nonsense while ignoring genuine debate from reputable scientists who by the way do not manipulate data to their benefit. Misinterpreted No doubt I will be branded as a denier. Curiously, I am not. I accept that temperatures measurements have been rising. I agree with the climatologists that in isolation, an increase in CO2 will lead to an increase in temperature. I am all in favor of reducing pollution. China is a basket case. China is literally poisoning its population right now. Regarding point number one, many temperature measurements are distorted beyond belief. Gauges are in places like airports and cities surrounded by asphalt and accompanied with increasing airline exhaust and traffic. Watts Up With That has an entire series on absurdly placed temperature gauges. That link is to rebuttal number 30! Regarding point number two, I seriously question what percentage of the temperature increase is man-made as opposed to long-term cycles, solar activity, Milky Way Radiation, random fluctuations, or something we just do not understand. Why Should I Give a Damn? I care about pollution. It affects me here and now. Those with kids can also relate. But global warming? This question will shock some, but quite frankly: Why should I, or anyone else give a damn about global warming, even if one believes the absurd hype? The Yellow Vest Movement in France has as its heart, that very question. French president Emmanuel Macron raised gasoline taxes to save the world. In the face of massive protests, now going on 14 weeks Macron rescinded the gas taxes. Fake Sense of Urgency The world will not end in 12 years or even 200 years. But, no one would be concerned about problems 200 years from now, would they? Thus, the false prophets must create a fake sense of urgency today. They did. And they succeeded. Thus we see AOC's Stunningly Absurd "New Green Deal": Far More Ridiculous Than Expected. Amusingly, the World needs $90 Trillion infrastructure overhaul to avoid climate disaster, according to the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate, which is co-chaired by prominent climate economist Lord Nicholas Stern. Regardless of what you believe, the notion that the government would do something sensible about this problem or any problem is ludicrous in and of itself. Governments don't solve problems, they create waste. Yet, we are told the world will end in 12 years if we do not act today. Florida Question of the Day To those living in Florida, if you believe the claims, why are you still there? Seriously, get the hell out because the entire state will soon be underwater. Time's a wastin! Pack up the babies and grab the old ladies, cause everyone goes. Evacuate now! Global Warming Religion Global warming is a religion. Anyone who doesn't believe is branded as a heretic. It's religiously sexy and very easy to promote end of the world doomsday scenarios, until people are told their taxes need to quadruple. The alternative, "There is no story here because the world won't end tomorrow" is not easy to promote. The media has no interest. Similarly, the media does not want to hear or repeat anything by scientists like Henrik Svensmark. Doom sells. Frankly My Dear, I Don't Give a Damn In France, people decided, and rightfully so, they were a bit more concerned about living today than supporting the religious belief that the world will end in 12 years if we don't raise taxes today. Looking back, the earth was here 4.5 billion years ago. It has survived countless warming and cooling cycles. I am confident it will survive another set of cycles. Finally, I am tired of the ridiculous hype, fake sense of urgency, and absurd fearmongering. Taking all of the above points into consideration, please ponder this entirely logical position: Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn, and I wouldn't even if I believed your preposterous lies.
  • Suspect in Jussie Smollett case previously arrested for attempted murder - Page Six
    Suspect in Jussie Smollett case previously arrested for attempted murder  Page SixOne of the suspects in the alleged attack on “Empire” star Jussie Smollett was previously arrested in Chicago for attempted murder, a report said Friday.View full coverage on Google News
  • Trump: We'll 'Possibly Get a Bad Ruling' on Emergency Declaration, 'Hopefully' We'll Win at SCOTUS
    During his speech announcing a national emergency declaration on Friday, President Trump stated that there will “possibly” be a “bad ruling” against his emergency declaration in the 9th Circuit, and “hopefully” the declaration will win in front of the Supreme Court. Trump said, “[W]e will have a national emergency. And we will then be sued, and they will sue us in the 9th Circuit, even though it shouldn’t be there. And we will possibly get a bad ruling, and then we’ll get another bad ruling. And then we’ll end up in the Supreme Court, and hopefully, we’ll get a fair shake, and we’ll win in the Supreme Court, just like the ban.” Follow Ian Hanchett on Twitter @IanHanchett
  • Feminist Pastor Unveils Vulva Sculpture Made From Melted Purity Rings
    Proudly presents idol to Gloria Steinem
  • Aurora shooting: Man who shot five dead 'was about to lose job', say police as victims identified
    Gary Martin, 45, was not legally allowed to own a gun because of a previous conviction
  • Killer War Robots Have Low Support Globally
    According to new research from the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots conducted by IPSOS MORI, the world is growing more skeptical about lethal autonomous weapons systems in war (i.e. killer war robots). Statista's Sarah Feldman points out that the analysis conducted across 26 countries between November 26 to December 7, 2018, found widespread opposition to lethal autonomous weapon systems. You will find more infographics at Statista South Korea registered the strongest opposition to the war practice, with about three-quarters of respondents siding against the killer robots. Germany was right behind South Korea, where 72 percent of respondents said they somewhat or strongly oppose lethal autonomous weapons systems in war. The report differentiates between lethal autonomous weapons systems and drones. Drones are controlled remotely by a person, who selects and attacks targets. The lethal autonomous system described in the report is able to identify and attack targets without human intervention.
  • When Will the News Media and Liberal Establishment Admit They Got Duped by Jussie Smollett?
    Imagine, if you will, if very pro-Trump C-list actor James Woods had recently claimed, to police and the media, that he had been brutally attacked by two black men, who had clearly targeted him because of his race and political beliefs. Imagine if this charge got so much publicity that the entire leadership of the Republican Party, including President Donald Trump, along with most of the conservative media, rushed to his defense and unambiguously condemned what they universally called a hate crime. Imagine if the circumstances surrounding such an attack were extremely odd and, a couple of weeks later, still could not be substantiated by police despite hundreds of man hours accessing voluminous amounts of camera footage from the very conservative area surrounding the attack. Imagine further that Woods claimed that he was on his cell phone with his manager during the very late-night attack, but refused to hand over that phone, and eventually only provided a very incomplete record of his calls. Imagine, if after the police started to quietly question his story, Woods went on Fox and Friends and, in a softball interview with Steve Doocy, confirmed that a blurry photo of two “persons of interest” contained the images of the two men who did this to him. Imagine then that the police, apparently knowing all along who those two blurry figures really were, suddenly take those two men in for questioning and eventually arrest them as suspects in the case. Oh, and those two men turn out to be brothers, Trump supporters, unambiguously white, and with at least one of them having appeared in the same show as Woods, with evidence that they are friends. Then the police, suddenly, citing “new evidence,” release the two brothers without charging them, all while Woods quickly hires a high-priced lawyer to add to a new PR firm. If that set of facts existed, I would submit to you that the mainstream media and the political left would have already turned Woods into at least Harvey Weinstein, if not Ted Bundy. There would be no hesitancy whatsoever to put, even before an arrest, all these dots together and create the picture that Woods’ story was false, that he had duped the nation, and that he needed to be severely punished for having committed what they would see as one of the largest cultural crimes in modern history. Those are the exact set of circumstances surrounding Empire actor Jussie Smollett, only in reverse, and the mainstream media and political left are, at least so far, doing their very best to pretend that maybe nothing at all unusual has really happened here. I am all for NOT rushing to judgement (something the news media usually is far too vulnerable to doing when it suits their agenda), but we have now reached the point in this story where it is finally time for the official narrative to take a dramatic change. The identity of the brothers, who are body-builders from Nigeria and could not possibly be mistaken for being white (something TMZ has reported Smollett claimed, at least at first, was the case) really is the proof that Smollett’s story is not true. There is just no way that these two guys, at least one of whom was apparently friends with Smollett and worked on Empire, attacked him because he was black, gay, and anti-Trump. So, using just basic logic (an exercise all-too-often beyond the ability of the average media person), if the two Nigerians were his “attackers,” or at least the guys in the released surveillance video, that is game, set, match for Smollett’s hate crime allegation. Given what we know about how the police detained them, and how long they held them for questioning while under “arrest,” it would be nearly inconceivable for them not to be the two people Smollett himself identified as his attackers on GMA (back when he clearly mistakenly thought there was no way that the police would ever find them, when, in reality, they apparently already had them ID’d from almost the beginning of the story). But what are we to make of the police releasing them without charges? Well, the authorities citing “new evidence” and “more investigation” to be completed, along with Smollett suddenly lawyering up in a big way, makes it about as obvious as could be that the brothers have “flipped” on Smollett, and that they are not currently being charged because they are no longer law enforcement’s primary target. While these conclusions require some speculation, they do not necessitate anything close to a real leap. Perhaps more importantly, this is the only scenario consistent with everything we think we currently know. Admittedly, to be fair, our knowledge of the incident is still rather spotty. To be clear, none of this tells us what actually DID happen that night. I honestly am still torn between this being some sort of premeditated “hoax,” a hate-crime concocted as a cover story in a panic after a violent dispute between the three of them, or, perhaps, some really bizarre hybrid of those two possibilities. We may find out the truth any day now, or maybe we will never know for sure. But, at this point, there is one thing that every thinking and objective person who cares about the truth should be able to comfortably and publicly conclude: Jussie Smollett was almost certainly not the victim of a random pro-Trump hate crime because of his race, sexuality, and politics. It is time for the news media and the liberal political establishment to, at the very least, make the public aware that this is what the facts, as we currently know them, indicate. The reality that they very likely won’t do this is exactly why Trump fans don’t trust a damn thing they say, and after this story and the Covington Catholic fiasco coming back-to-back, probably never will again. [featured photo via Getty Images]
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