The ♥ of Louisiana – ↑↑ Random Headers of Antiquity + Rejects ↑↑


IRC Chat Server: DALnet | Channel: #Louisiana_World


Oh sure,  this part of the heart has it’s warts and moles, (some that could be lanced),  aorta looks beat-up in a few places, left ventricle looks old and worn out, both could use some cosmetic surgery.  A little nip and tuck.  Nips and tucks do happen from time to time. Despite any issues the heart has, it just keeps beating,  like that river keeps on ‘a-rollin’ along’. This side of the river could use some bicycle lanes in places, for that ‘rollin’ along’ part.  I’m seriously.

nextboot Local police involved in 400 killings per year  Screenshot_40


Broadcasting from the ♥ of Louisiana. Streaming as slow as a drunk salt-covered snail in winter, stuck in molasses, and waiting for The Beatles reunion tour.

Louisiana among slowest Internet speeds in the world, report says

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F.Y.I. – Annoying auto-play ads are annoying


It’s never too early to buy Christmas gifts, so I’m told. Just buy my stuff, please?

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