• Especially for mobile users, it isn’t purely obvious that you can scroll the entire page up/down if you are holding your finger/mouse to the far right of the screen, and you can scroll up/down within the RebelMouse embeds where you see news stories just like Twitter embeds.
  • Track Pad

    I like using Puffin Free on mobile because of the easy to use Track Pad feature. It makes scrolling easier and reduces  inadvertent link clicking.

  • However, unlike Chrome that does allow you to scroll both the page and the RebelMouse embed, with Puffin you will have to use the Track Pad to scroll the RebelMouse embed.
  • I have tried many “free” flash-enabled ad-based browsers to watch streaming content which always end mucking things up with clutter.
  • Puffin only lets you use the flash feature for a limited time and has no ads.
  • Flash not working does not affect my website except for the YoWindow Weather embed.
  • None the less, after having tried so many lousy “free” flash-enabled browsers that were too aggravating to use and the ads ruined the streams so bad you would never be convinced it would ever stream smoothly,  I found 1.99/YR was well worth the price to use Puffin Free with flash enabled.  Puffin for me simply has been the easiest to use for viewing streaming flash content where windows can often have tiny little buttons to click.
  • Don’t panic.
  • Stay calm.
  • Bring a towel.
  • Take your SOMA.
  • Take a nap.

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