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The New Bethany Home for Boys News Articles from 1984

I was sent some links to information about the New Bethany Home for Boys that Tim Johnson’s  father-in-law Rev. Mack Ford was founder.

Much has been made about this event in the blogosphere concerning Louisiana College’s leadership.   I think few here locally know what allegedly happened at New Bethany.  I know until recently it was news to me.

Timothy Johnson, a Baptist minister from Orlando, Fla., and the son-in-law of New Bethany founder, the Rev. Mack Ford, said he was very pleased with the judge’s decision.

  “I would trust my son to them,” he said.

The Dispatch – Sep 12, 1984


I don’t know if the person who sent me this information wants to be identified,  so for the time being I will keep this person anonymous.  It is greatly appreciated that this person sent this information along.

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I’ve uploaded various documents related to NB Longstreet the following is just the index of what is there to be viewed.

I have explained to several people why I have an interest in this story.  I planned do to that in a future post.  In short though,  while I was growing up my parents worked for some boys homes in Texas (none of them related to New Bethany) and so I am kind of familiar with what some of these places were like to live in.

The main difference of course was I was there with my family where as most of the residents were there without their families. The boys homes my parents worked for were  were not advertised as or claimed to be boarding schools or religious schools and to the best of my knowledge they were not run by religious organizations, but I would have to verify that with my father who exactly was over them.  One of them was run by the state I am pretty sure.

These were places where kids wound up when either their parents could not,  or would not deal with them, or they lost their parents and there were no family members available to take them in, troubled children for sure but troubled for various different reasons, so not all of them were there because they were juvenile delinquents who had criminal records.  I will go into more detail at a future time in a future post.