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Tourist Video Captures Gator-Feeding Frolic | #Louisiana | Sparks Crackdown

Associated Press

Published on Jun 11, 2014
Home video from a recent swamp boat tour in Louisiana shows a guide in the water feeding chicken and marshmallows to two alligators. The video has attracted the attention of local and state wildlife officials. (June 12)

Airboat Adventures

Alligator wrestler in Jean Lafitte becomes social media star

Louisiana does not prohibit feeding alligators, but Jefferson Parish bans the practice.

It is illegal for animals to be removed from the wild, said Steve McManus, an officer with the state Department of Wildlife and Fisheries. But some tourboat operators have exhibitor permits issued through the agency, allowing them to possess alligators. It is not clear if Airboat Adventures has such a permit.

La. tour operators ordered to stop feeding gators

Video of guide feeding gators sparks crackdown

Party poopers.