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Glenn Lemoine Cold Case Update

60-year-old Glenn Lemoine’s body was found in the Charenton Canal off Highway 90, his car was in a ditch a couple miles away. The autopsy report listed cause of death as “undetermined” but the family strongly feels it was intentional.

For two years the Lemoine family has not understood why his death was listed as “undetermined.”

The Saint Mary Parish Sheriff’s Office initially handled the case but the family says the sheriff’s office has put Lemoine’s death on the back-burner. So they took matters into their own hands and that meant exhuming his body. About four weeks ago, they recovered his body from his burial site in Patterson.

His remains were taken to a lab in Birmingham Alabama where a forensic pathologist conducted a 2nd autopsy. Over the weekend, the family was notified of the preliminary findings. And it will still be a couple weeks until the full autopsy is complete.


The family is hesitant to release the findings until the full autopsy is complete and they can get it in writing. The exhumation and autopsy was all done on their own dime. And once “cause of death” is determined, they will report their findings to the Saint Mary Parish Sheriff’s Office.