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Vitter: This will be my last political job, elected or appointed, period.

The senator can run for governor without resigning his seat in Congress. He would be up for re-election in 2016.

Published on Jan 21, 2014


I’ve held over 342 in-person town hall meetings, 128 telephone town halls, and countless other meetings in every parish of our state. I’ll continue those travels starting tomorrow, listening directly to Louisiana families about what most concerns them.

And then, after Listening and Learning, I will LEAD. Because I’m running to take on the important issues and make the hard decisions, not to avoid them or play politics with them.

This will be my last political job, elected or appointed, period. So my only agenda will be to do what’s best for all Louisianians, from our best and brightest to our most vulnerable.

Wendy and I value your friendship, support, and prayers so much. Please continue to bless us with those gifts.

Vitter says he’ll run for governor in 2015

Vitter’s Running For Governor In 2015

David Vitter to run for Louisiana governor in 2015

Sen. David Vitter to run for Louisiana governor

Sen. Vitter to Run for Louisiana Governor

Get ready for more of this:

Mr. Vitter was embroiled in a prostitution scandal in 2007 after his phone number appeared in the records of the “D.C. Madam,” a woman who was convicted of running a prostitution ring. Mr. Vitter apologized, and said his number had been included in the records prior to his Senate run in 2004. He easily won re-election three years later, in 2010.