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Albino alligators make snappy, happy home in Paris

Published on Feb 13, 2014

Two extremely rare residents, a pair of baby albino alligators, were put on public display for the first time at their new Paris home on Thursday. (Feb. 13)

Albino alligators make snappy, happy home in Paris

The Associated Press
Posted: Thursday, Feb. 13, 2014


Two incredibly rare albino alligators have arrived at their new French home — a Paris aquarium — after being bought from a reptile collector in Florida.

Thursday’s snappy new reptiles, who are just over one year old, are part of an elite group of no more than 30 such alligators in the world.

Michel Hignette, head of the Porte Doree aquarium, says aquariums save the lives of these reptiles since they cannot survive in the wild.

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