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#Louisiana ‘Black Panther’ Mystery Solved


Earlier this month, a family in Acadiana, La., saw and photographed a large, mysterious black cat. Believing they might have seen a panther or other feral cat, they contacted wildlife officials, who told them that while cougars do exist in the area, they are not all black.

According to a news report by Hope Ford of KLFY-TV, at around 7:30 pm, a large black animal was spotted in the field behind a home.


In order to help judge the size of the mysterious feline in the photographs, wildlife officials followed up by bringing with them a life-size silhouette of a puma, and photographed it in the same location (a short video analysis can be found on YouTube). The conclusion: the “black panther” was much smaller than the eyewitnesses estimated — and than the photographs made it appear– and was likely a large domestic housecat prowling for bugs and rodents.

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