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Beet’s Street Cam
If you see nothing, that means it’s not on coonass. This image updates when manually refreshed, click the image to see if the live stream is on. Streaming will primarily be on iff something particularly interesting is going on outside, like bad weather.

The media is lazy…

Louisiana media is lazy…

From behind a desk, cellphone & an answering machine – I lazily show you how lazy they really are, I try to show you my true stats in the occasional post, why that post is being read so much etc., I show you how easy it is to keep someone’s name in the news…

Without analytic voodoo tricks, spamming – just some tags and  yadda yadda blah – dispite aaall  the other advice I have read over the years – I have completely ignored all of it because it sounds all too much like a headache…and work…I am here for therapy.  #WAR

But first and foremost, I bring you things that I am interested in; if you find it interesting too – there is no telling what we might learn.

Try googling Baldwin Costner…


With this post I learned either Louisiana Media uploads images they never use, or was used in an earlier story but was removed from that story.  But didn’t delete the image…why?  I don’t know.


I found the image by googling ‘Keywine “Poppa” Bradford’

I don’t know if the picture is the victim or the perp…or possibly a witness – derp – or totally unrelated, but it is associated with nola.com and the story of the arrest warrant.

I’m like you, the average news perusererrer…a story is interesting to me for several reasons at first glance…it’s the who, what, where, possibly the how, and why…and is it  there for us to read, and/or look at…not a story about a video that has no video…or a video about the video with nothing from the video in it, or a video of the video teken from a video of a video of a camera’s LCD screen…

It’s a digital society…

A:  Who? A Picture and name of perp or victim…DERP – so we can tweet – blog -facebook it and such and mock these people, sympathize, slam, or mourn them…but have an  image in our eye of who we are talking about…

C: Where? –  Is it close to me?  Do I need to buy a gas mask?  Where’s Greenburg?

B: When? – This just in from last week…

F: How? –   If possible…

Q: WTFrak??  – WHY??? – …if possible.

Perusersrsrs also want SOME of the horrible news dulled a tad with entertainment…to soften the blow…and such, links of where else to go about those stories, easy links within the story to maps that show where the heck Natchez, LA is etc tec.

Sometimes we want to know who else is covering this story, because the story is two sentences long, or we don’t trust the source. And we often want to know who originally posted the story.

I think I provide that 1/2 on purpose and all by accident,  I will probably be 1/3 as active as the Louisiana Mainstream Media’s 110% – and you will probably find here 19/18ths more links to information, blog posts with 0.001% more information about particular stories -and especially mixed curiosities about those stories not pointed out anywhere else in Louisiana  – now with 300 cylindrical acres more snark meters/inch, and who knows what else…related to Louisiana News & “Wildlife”?

We shall see, as I experiment further…

I’ve already had an exclusive story not covered by anyone that I could see on any online  Louisiana media  outlet…when I talk about the media on this website…I am talking what is available out there online.  If you can’t get ONLINE…that’s kind of an important story…and try going to Suddenlink’s site and find out more information…ohh I’m sure it’s there, not saying it isn’t buuuuut…

The A number one POINT WAS…there will be a sudden…

Unlink of some Louisiana internet users…don’t panic.

I received the message during the day of the 6th, I made the post as an experiment/entertainment maybe thirty minutes after listening to the message…my internet went out the night of the 7th…I went to bed..I was “awokened” twice by power losses…*shrugs*  Anyway, the results of the post?  It was the most perused post for a period of time on the 7th.


The only advice I have read or seen about blogging that has made sense to me so far, and I can’t remember who they are or I would give them credit, but none the less, he or she said with blogging and websites & creating traffic to them – it’s not the number of posts, how flashy and/or dull, or how active the posting…but what is in the posts.

I also have learned people want to look at a recent radar image even if it’s 15 minutes old as long as it actually updates on it’s own and you can stare at it…

I know that bloggers want a radar image that is easy to embed without resorting to flashy tricks and coding and knowing the coding and…

I also know that people don’t want to go to ten different sites that all look the same, basically only having a handful of local stories, and all the rest be the exact same links to state and national news.  And then I know that they don’t want to pay for what little information they get from some of these sites who are now asking you to pay for their wonderful reams and reams of information.  I know that people don’t want to pay a dollar for the The Town Talk Fish Wrap & Litter Liner.







I also know that Central Louisiana is under represented in the news.


Spill the beans.

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