#Louisiana Rebel World | Issue #A Letter: 7 | 20140430 – 20140513

#Louisiana Rebel World | Issue #A Letter: 7 | 20140430  – 20140513


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19 of Us Were Shot on Mother’s Day, But New Orleans Dropped the Attempted Murder Charges

Mother’s Day parade will return to scene of New Orleans shooting spree where 20 were hurt

UPDATE: Arrest in Lockhart murder; Sanchez detained again by Kenner Police

Authorities have arrested and charged previous suspect, Margaret Sanchez, with murder in the death of Jaren Lockhart in 2013.

Man admits to killing, dismembering body of New Orleans stripper: cops

Arrest made in Jaren Lockhart murder, dismemberment

Authorities declined to comment on the status of a case against Terry Speaks, 41, who is accused of being Sanchez’s accomplice. Kenner police are set to provide details about the case in a news conference Thursday (May 8). Speaks, who was convicted of an unrelated sex-offender registration crime, is set to be released in October from a federal prison in New York.

New evidence presented in Jaren Lockhart murder case | #Louisiana

Jaren Lockhart murder suspect has a substantial criminal history

Terry Speaks, a suspect in the recent murder and dismemberment of 22-year-old exotic dancer Jaren Lockhart, has a substantial criminal history, including convictions for having sex with a 14-year-old, assaulting a woman and domestic violence, records show. The convictions all occurred in Surry County, N.C. The most recent was the sex offense, of which Speaks was found guilty in 2003, when he was 31.

‘Tobacco Products’ That Aren’t

May 2014 Skywatching Video

Louisiana ranks among worst states for retirement, report finds

Bill allowing lawmakers to carry concealed weapons moves to full House

Drones to remain unregulated in Louisiana; House committee kills proposed DRONE Act

State-Run Insurer Starts Home Depot Claims Program

Voucher group wants judge to back off order

Louisiana House freezes wine ice cream bill for now

Rapides deputies concerned about runaways

Josie the Outlaw explains the police state

The system today is weeding out the good cops instead of weeding out the bad cops.

I am not responsible for what some people might say on Twitter/Social Media that  show up in embeds I use like RebelMouse, or Totally.Me.  Hashtags like #Louisiana will sometimes bring up vulgar items into the stream.  #Alexandria brings up a lot of stuff from Virginia, and Egypt.  I’m waiting for #Tioga to pop up.

#CenLa = Central Louisiana #CenLA = Central Los Angeles

It doesn’t get much more vulgar than that. 😉

It does make for an interesting read.

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