#Louisiana Rebel World | Issue #A Letter: 5 | 20140412 – 20140420

#Louisiana Rebel World | Issue #A Letter: 5 | 20140412 – 20140420

2014 Louisiana Dragon Boat Races™

SATURDAY, MAY 10, 2014


Alexandria’s second Alex River Fête to have activities for all ages [May 8-10, 2014]

Aguillard stepping down as Louisiana College president, to return as tenured professor

Video: New Bethany Home for Girls: Women allege childhood sex abuse

Poll: Should Vance McAllister resign? #Louisiana


Every problem in Louisiana is officially solved: JR Ball

Because clearly there can be no problems if legislators have the time to debate whether or not the Holy Bible should be declared the official state book of Louisiana.


I am not responsible for what some people might say on Twitter/Social Media that show up in embeds I use like RebelMouse, or Totally.Me. Hashtags like #Louisiana will sometimes bring up vulgar items into the stream. #Alexandria brings up a lot of stuff from Virginia, and Egypt. I’m waiting for #Tioga to pop up.

It does make for an interesting read.

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Spill the beans.

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