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#Louisiana Rebel World | Issue #A Letter: 13 | 20140614  – ?

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Occasional, interesting, and random things seen here. Sometimes nothing to see whatsoever.

SUICIDE BY POLICE: Judge acquits man shot by Pineville officer

Ninth Judicial District Judge Patricia Koch acquitted Carter Rhodes Jr. on a charge of resisting an officer with force or violence, determining Carter sought “suicide by cop” on April 10, 2012. Koch issued her ruling June 11.

Dashcam video of Carter Rhodes incident: Dashcam video of Pineville Police officers finding Carter Rhodes, a man whose family had gotten a protective order for him because he was mentally unstable. Rhodes was shot by an officer on April 10, 2012, after charging him with a pocket knife.

‘The Daily Show’ visits Louisiana for segment on chicken boxing

Arrest made for year-long string of thefts

Too Poor to Pay? Do not pass go, go directly to jail!

St. Rose residents complain of nausea, vomiting near source of strange odor

Georgia executes inmate after U.S. Supreme Court denies reprieve

Jindal pressured to veto alcohol at more theaters

Former St. Landry animal shelter director, employee arrested

Rogue Slidell dolphin found dead

Dolphin attacking swimmers in Slidell

Jindal Signs Law Restricting EBT Use

Body found in river near Port of New Orleans

Despite low coal use, La. must reduce CO2 by 40%

La. College interim president takes control

Louisiana College interim president pledges to run transparent administration

La. jailers fight scourge behind bars: cellphones

Jindal: State shouldn’t tell people how to care for pets

SEE IT: Dead New Orleans woman ‘sits’ at own funeral holding beer, cigarette as disco ball flashes

Behold 250 new emoji: Vulcan symbol, floppy disks, and more

The story of Casey Kasem’s “dog named Snuggles” clip

Simple tips to avoid getting hacked



Universe Sandbox

I am not responsible for what some people might say on Twitter/Social Media that  show up in embeds I use like RebelMouse, or Totally.Me.  Hashtags like #Louisiana will sometimes bring up vulgar items into the stream.  #Alexandria brings up a lot of stuff from Virginia, and Egypt.  I’m waiting for #Tioga to pop up.

#CenLa = Central Louisiana #CenLA = Central Los Angeles

It doesn’t get much more vulgar than that. 😉

Chris Watts Band – CENLA (Official Video)

It does make for an interesting read.


Ray Nagin sentencing delayed again

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F.Y.I. – Annoying auto-play ads are annoying

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