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LSUA’s Mardi Gras parade rolls on Feb. 26

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“It’s the battle of our times.”

Puppy-slapping video leads to cruelty charge for Alexandria boy

La. boy who viciously slaps puppy on video charged with animal cruelty

Man pleads not guilty in animal cruelty case

Rap videos show street gang in action

Gasoline pumps locked, owner arrested after allegedly pointing gun at customer

Authorities searching for inmate who walked away from Alexandria facility

Scott police need help finding runaway

Pineville High teacher accused of sexual misconduct with student

Pineville man facing charges after driving through yards, hitting pedestrian

Suit: cops purposefully looked for affair, embarrassment

Text Messages In Ransom Taylor Kidnapping Case Did Not Meet Legal Definition For Threat

Two West Monroe men booked on forcible rape and imprisonment

Kenner man arrested, charged with rape of 7-year-old

Null and void? Ruling could force Northshore divorced couples back in court

Jury finds parish leaders not guilty of misconduct during Katrina

Which casino was most popular among Louisiana politicians? Louisiana Purchased poll

 Video Of Lake Charles Woman Describing Siren Malfunction Goes Viral

Woman: road worker using yard as restroom is the last straw

Lake Charles Navy veteran served during Cuban Missile Crisis

City on a Hill

Parents of Buddhist student sue “Bible Belt” Louisiana school over forced prayer, religious discrimination

Louisiana remains one of top flu states

Deadline to enter Louisiana art contest is Feb. 12

Convicted killer found guilty of trying to tamper with jury

Louisiana officials drop “emergency” abortion regulations that would have shuttered clinics across the state

Wounded Deer Attacks and Injures Louisiana Hunter

Last Navy warship built at Avondale has left shipyard

Sorrento remains without insurance for police

Some Louisiana lawmakers oppose legalizing marijuana

“It scares me to death that anyone would even consider any bill that would legitimize an illegal drug,” said state Sen. Bob Kostelka, R-Monroe, who had a hand in killing state Rep. Austin Badon’s, D-New Orleans, bill last year that would have reduced criminal penalties on simple possession.

Another View: Louisiana should legalize marijuana

Marijuana is a Schedule I(C) hallucinogenic substance under state law, which is one of the harshest in the nation. Currently in Louisiana, those caught in possession of marijuana may find themselves jailed for as long as six months just on a first offense. A second offender may be sentenced to up to five years and fined up to $2,500. Anyone convicted three or more times is looking at a possible 20-year sentence and a $5,000 fine. The numbers are even more dire in instances of distribution or cultivation.

Stonecipher: Shreveport As Racially Divided Today As In 1960s

Teen accused of posting nude pic of friend online

Prosecutor grills Ray Nagin as corruption trial nears end

Analysis: More damning evidence against former mayor Nagin

Businessman tells jury he gave Nagin more than $100,000 in bribes

Witness says he disguised $50K bribe to Nagin

Home Depot exec: Nagin wanted contracts for family business

I-Team Follow up: Battling Bullies

 Substitute Teacher at Arrested for Battering Student

Louisiana police chief found dead in Biloxi casino hotel room

Anti-sodomy statute targeted

Gas flow stopped at drilling rig off Louisiana coast; investigation of cause continues

Unsolved Murders Haunt Town, New Documents Suggest Sinister Police Involvement


Louisiana restriction on handgun possession by under-17-year-olds passes

Report: In four years, Louisiana politicians spent nearly $800,000 in taxpayer money . . . on golf

Former Glenmora Mayor Tyrone Doyle dies at age of 75

NFL cheerleaders visit deployed Fort Polk troops

Study shows LSU-Alexandria generates nearly $53 million in sales

Duck Commander Now Sponsors Of Nascar Race At Texas Motor Speedway

James Carville joins Fox News

‘American Idol:’ Three Louisiana contestants say goodbye, one remains

Louisiana Civil Rights Museum would have paid $2 million more for ArtWorks building

P-40 Warhawk new exhibit in National War II Museum

Orleans Parish Election Results:




Charles Foti, moving into runoff for Orleans Parish sheriff, vows to fix jail

Rasmussen Poll: Cassidy leads Mary Landrieu in 2014 Senate race

Mary Landrieu and Bill Cassidy 2013 votes reflect growing congressional partisanship


FOX News Highlights Landrieu’s Push to Build Keystone Pipeline

Democrats react to Republican Party’s new voter outreach campaign

Graves Could Become Coastal Candidate in 6th District

Senate District Map Alexandria Area:


House District Map Alexandria Area:


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