#Triggered: I’m such a bully. | #Louisiana | My boy #Trump [@realDonaldTrump] donated some Play-Doh!

Louisiana governor: Donald Trump’s visit ‘helpful’

In other words, he thought of the children first.

Mary Landrieu: “I wanna thank Mr. Trump for coming to Louisiana. He brought attention to our state.”

Carville thanks Trump for visiting Louisiana, donation

Pastor Confirms Donald Trump Gave $100K Donation for #Louisiana Flood Relief

The Latest: Trump arrives in Louisiana to tour flood areas

If I had at all tried to be provocative or wanted to engage in stone throwing, I would have tweeted something like this meme.

My Boy

My Boy

And your mother is voting for Trump. It’s true.

DONALD TRUMP Heads to Louisiana Tomorrow – While Obama Vacations, Hillary Rests

I spent too much time on and with an egg.

This opinion piece is what drew attention to the issue and criticism in the first place.

Our Views: Vacation or not, a hurting Louisiana needs you now, President Obama

CBS: Obama likely to play golf.  My boy Trump likely to fly 1st class to Louisiana

I tweaked the headline is that stone throwing and bullying?

I feel very oppressed right now.


I’m sorta living my story right now.

Not sorry if I don’t have time to Tweet all the details.

Trump Plays the Role of President in Louisiana

Baton Rouge’s summer of pain: Shootings, unrest, now floods

Raw: Trump Visits Flood-Ravaged Louisiana

Trump in Louisiana to survey floods as Manafort resigns

Donald Trump Visits Baton Rouge, La., to Tour Flood Damage (8/19/2016)


The Latest: Trump consoles Louisiana flood victims


My M.O. is designed to make you smile.


How dare you tweet a story with a critical headline.

How dare you try to make people smile with so much injustice and tragedy going on in the world.

You need to Shut Up!

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