Tangipahoa Parish School Board consider Buddy Benches | #Louisiana

Tangipahoa school board members and activist Amy Broomfield at the regular meeting April 19.


Empathetic 10-Year-Old Pioneers Creation Of ‘Buddy Benches’ In More Than 2,000 Schools In The US

Boy Creates ‘Buddy Benches’ to Keep Kids from Feeling Alone at Recess

When Christian Bucks’  family was toying with a move to Germany back in the spring of 2013, the then-first-grader’s mom showed him a bunch of brochures for potential new schools. In one of them, Christian saw a picture of a special bench on the school playground. It was called a “Buddy Bench,” and it was a place for a lonely boy or girl to sit on during recess to signal to the other kids to ask him or her to play.

What Is The Buddy Bench?

Buddy Log

Buy a shirt, it won't hurt.

Buy a shirt, it won’t hurt.

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