#NewHampshire woman Photoshops photos of ‘injured’ son for GoFundMe page

Was she claiming the father hit the child with a croquet mallet?

A New Hampshire woman is facing charges after police say she edited photos of her son to solicit donations on a GoFundMe page.

Source: WCVB

Too much of this is going on in our society these days, where men’s reputations are being destroyed by false claims of rape, fathers being slandered with false claims of child abuse, et cetera.

The only way this ‘woman’ could stoop any lower is to have also claimed the child was sexually abused.

Tibbetts turned herself in to police Sunday and was charged with making a false report to law enforcement.

Bobby Whithorne, a spokeperson for GoFundMe, said the total amount raised by the page was $10. Tibbetts said she deleted the fundraiser.

I took it down because I figured I wasn’t going to get anywhere with it, and I’m not one to take handouts,” said Tibbetts.

Source:  WMUR

Except when you were asking for a handout.

$10 wasn’t exactly what you had in mind.  The photo was so poorly done only 1 person must have believed you, unless it was 2 people who gave 5 dollars each, or 10 people who only pitched in a dollar.

Bobby Whithorne, a spokesperson for GoFundMe, said they assisted police and quickly shut down the account.

Source:  CBS Boston

Seems Tibbets even lied about taking down the GoFundMe page.

Buy a shirt, it don’t hurt.

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