Orleans Parish coroner now classifies Henry Glover’s death as a homicide


NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – The Orleans Parish coroner has reclassified the post-Katrina death of Henry Glover as a homicide, nearly ten years after New Orleans police officers shot him and burned his body. Dr. Jeffery Rouse announced the news in a press release Wednesday afternoon.

“It is my duty as Coroner to determine the most accurate cause and manner of death based upon both investigative and autopsy evidence,” said Dr. Rouse.  “If there is new evidence, it must be evaluated, and previous opinions must be re-considered in its light. After a review of all available evidence and a review of court transcripts, it is my obligation to reclassify the death of Henry Glover.”

Coroner Jeffery Rouse told WGNO, he began looking into new evidence, a couple of months ago, the FBI collected in the case, but Rouse would not clarify what particular evidence led to the reclassification or if the FBI is…

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