Pope Francis Has Taught the Church To Thrive Again

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11 Mar 2015, Vatican City — Vatican City, Vatican. 11th March 2015 — Pope Francis blesses the faithful. — Pope Francis, during the general audience, recalled the importance of the grandparents inside the family and society, after greeting the public in Vatican City. — Image by © Marco Campagna/Demotix/Corbis



Two years after the election of Jorge Mario Bergoglio as Pope Francis, the Catholic Church is back.

From the moment he appeared on the loggia of St. Peter’s in a simple white cassock, we knew that Francis was a game changer.

Images immediately went viral of the newly elected Vicar of Christ washing the feet of AIDS patients,riding the bus in Buenos Aires and ministering to God’s people living in the slums. In the two years since, Francis has again and again reminded us of that troublemaker who founded the faith, Jesus of Nazareth. Then again, I guess that’s the point.

Pundits suggested that the Jesuit from Argentina would change his ways to adapt to the papacy. To the contrary, he has stayed the same priest and man of the poor that he always was and instead has transformed both the papacy and the Church.

I’ve experienced this transformation…

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