New Orleans landlords challenge proposed ‘Rental Registry’


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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)– Safe and affordable housing has been an on-going battle in New Orleans, especially after Hurricane Katrina.  Two council members are proposing an approach that’s controversial in many other cities; and one that’s getting strong opposition from landlords.  WGNO reporter Deepak Saini takes you to a public hearing where emotions ran high over the city’s housing standards.

New Orleans can be a renter’s nightmare.  Rent has skyrocketed, blight is still a major issue, and the condition of many homes and apartments are a nightmare.

“The tenants room was roughly the size of a small prison cell and and very very shabby conditions,” says Desiree Evans of Women With A Vision.

“Because the house had so many leaks cause of the moisture and the termites, it was easy for rodents to chew in,” says evicted tenant Jane Stubbs.

Tenants and fair housing advocates spoke before the…

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