Comedy Central Has a Short List of People Who Could Succeed Jon Stewart

Comedy Central has ‘short list’ for Jon Stewart replacement

Even former President Bill Clinton felt compelled to weigh in, although lightheartedly.

“Jon Stewart’s departure raises 2 Qs: 1) Where will I get my news each night? 2) Does this mean he’s doing a sequel to Death to Smoochy?” Clinton posted on Twitter, including a reference to a 2002 comedy in which Stewart appeared.


Comedy Central is pondering over a “short list” of prospective candidates to replace Jon Stewart on The Daily Show, following Tuesday’s announcement of his departure.

No details about the list have been released. However, Viacom Entertainment Group president Doug Herzog was quick to quash speculation that Stewart’s protégé John Oliver may be a candidate.

“John Oliver’s got a job,” Herzog said. “I think he’s spoken for.”

It’s also not clear yet if executive producer Stewart will continue to influence future episodes. His ongoing participation was described as “TBD” (to be determined) by Herzog, who added that “It’s not out of the question.”


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