Friends Furever: Google’s subtle dig at Apple goes viral


TV advertising that goes viral on YouTube — reinforcing a brand, for free, again and again — is the best kind.

By that measure, “Friends Furever” (embedded below) is a huge success. The compilation of strange animal BFFs — puppy and kitten, hippo and tortoise, lion and oryx, etc. — that debuted on TV last week has drawn more than 4 million page views in three days on YouTube.

But what’s it about?

Industry insiders will recognize that the tagline — “be together. not the same” — is a subtle dig at Apple’s monoculture ecosystem, where stuff just works as long as it’s all the same stuff.

But that message is going to go right over most viewers heads, says one advertising professional (name withheld on request).

I find this strategy guilty of something many clients suffer from,” he says. “Namely, they are talking to themselves. The public…

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