CNN Retracts Brian Williams Report


CNN has “revised” its report about NBC News anchor/managing editor Brian Williams this morning when the pilot who’d said Williams was in his helicopter and did take small arms fire, now says he isn’t sure. “The pilot was there but several other soldiers said ‘Brian was on our aircraft’ and this morning he is questioning his own memories,” CNN’s media critic Brian Stelter announced to viewers this morning, adding that pilot Rich Krell now says his “nightmares of Iraq have resurfaced…and he is no longer standing by his story.”

In marked contrast, Stars and Stripes, which broke news that Williams account of his experience in the early days of the Iraq war in ’03 was not truthful, told Deadline it stands by its story:

“The account given by our five sources – all crew members there at the time – and now pilot Chris Simeone’s public statements all mesh. They…

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