‘Big Easy Bucha’ crushes competition as New Orleans’ first kombucha tea company



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Big Easy Bucha is the first commercially available kombucha tea made in New Orleans. Like all things delicious, the idea started in the kitchen.
“Austin had been making it at home, he made our Jazz Juice flavor just for our personal consumption. it’s pretty cost prohibitive to buy it just off the store shelf,” says Owner Alexis Korman. “It was a big hit with my friends that are familiar with kombucha, Alexis loved my flavor and she thought ‘there’s not a kombucha in New Orleans,’ which is rare,” says Owner Austin Sherman.

Since necessity is the mother of all invention, the couple created their own company. “The first few flavors we came up with that same day, we wrote it on a cocktail napkin and that started our business,” says Korman. “We produce, we distribute, we take in money, we go to the banks, we literally do…

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