Harvey Weinstein On ‘The Imitation Game,’ Best Picture Dissing, Sony Hack, Netflix And Quentin Tarantino

“They admit they took things from our playbook and I have to change the playbook every year, but I don’t deflate footballs. If we win, it’s fair and square.”


Yesterday morning, Harvey Weinstein sat down for what has become our annual look at his business, the Oscars and just about every other topic we can think of. Buckle up.

DEADLINE: Big Saturday morning New York Times story on you firing your Broadway publicist, and him firing back on Finding Neverland. He claims you demanded the GQ cover and he resigned. Beyond the question of whether a flack firing is Timesworthy, can I take this as a sign you haven’t lost your fire?
HARVEY WEINSTEIN: When Patrick Healy filed it and it lived as an internet story for 48 hours, there was humor and irony in that story. It changed, in print. I’d said, ‘If I knew the New York Times would cover a publicist leaving a production I would hire a publicist, fire him the next day and then rehire him the following day, just for the…

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