Lena Dunham Tackles “Perv” Woody Allen, “Puritanical” USA & Campus Rape At Sundance Panel

Post singing career, Taylor Swift will be POTUS: Lena Dunham

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Ignoring Conservatives = President Hillary

In other words, Twitter isn’t just a tool. It’s a test. If you’re too damn stupid to use a Twitter account to communicate with people, it’s a good indicator that you’re too damn stupid to be president.

You better talk to us, candidates. We expect and demand it. You know, Lena Dunham’s show Girls on HBO gets a ton of press, and the elites love it. Except there’s a problem – in the end, its ratings stink. No one outside the elite watches it. Let that be a lesson to you, Jeb.


The Girls creator left the packed Egyptian Theater in Park City today with no doubt about what she thinks about attacks on pushing the boundaries of humor, the director of Manhattan and sexual assaults on America’s campuses. “In some ways America is at its most puritanical,” Lena Dunham said Saturday at the Sundance Film Festival’s Power of Story: Serious Ladies panel when addressing some of the reaction she and her HBO show has received. “The fact is people are forgetting that humor is a tool for debate,” she added. “That boycott, censorship, shut ‘em down approach to humor shows a very basic lack of understanding of what humor can do for us culturally and what it has always done,” Dunham said to applause.

Joining Dunham on the panel was Mindy Kaling of Fox’s The Mindy Project, Kristen Wiig, who is in multiple films at sundance marqueeSundance this year, and Orange…

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