Pond5 Issues 80,000 Free Media Assets With The Launch Of Its Public Domain Project


Bloggers, designers, illustrators, researchers, documentarians, historians, and media makers of all stripes now have a new online repository for nearly 100,000 free media assets with the launch of  Pond5’s Public Domain Project.

A media marketplace (and Shutterstock competitor) used by over 100,000 outlets with millions of video clips, stock illustrations and photos, and hundreds of thousands of sound effects and music tracks, Pond5 raised $61 million in financing last year from Accel Partners and Stripe Group.

The company’s Public Domain Project includes 5,000 video clips that were digitized from the National Archives outside of Washington.

So if designers wants to find clips like George Melies’ 1902 film, A Trip To The Moon without having to troll around on YouTube, they can.

As part of the digitization of the media assets, the library’s files all contain metadata so users can search for content by design features or aspects of the…

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