Man Goes to Jail Instead of Snitch on LSU Football Player in Cleats/Gloves eBay ‘Scandal’

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LSU Beat Ole Miss

Let me start here: I love this story.

A man in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, refused to snitch on an LSU football player, and so that man is going to jail. And it’s all over a pair of LSU cleats and game-worn gloves!

From the Advocate:

A police officer contacted Fletcher Sanders, 25, after an investigation revealed that he was the seller of a pair of cleats and gloves advertised on eBay as having been worn during LSU’s thrilling upset winagainst the Ole Miss Rebels in October, according to a police report.

Sanders told police that he sold the gear for an LSU football player. But when an investigator asked Sanders to name the football player, Sanders clammed up

Now that is cool. Sanders is out on bail. Police are trying to track down the shoes and gloves that were sold. What a waste of time.

At this point, everyone…

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