Nancy Grace vs. 2 Chainz: a highlight reel of their epic duel

How about I just give you the whole interview for as long as I can/feel like trying to find it again once GoogleTubes+ removes it.


If Nancy Grace has a secret plan to woo millennials, it’s working. Or, at least it worked last night.

That’s when Twitter and Vine basically died thanks to a brilliantly booked episode about the dangers of big, bad weed. Grace’s thesis for the episode “#Pot2Blame”: Marijuana is still ruining the kids, with society just teetering on the brink of a new “Go Ask Alice.” And also let’s blame rappers, kind of.

Nancy’s no stranger to incredible hashtags, of course—who could forget #BabyInTrash or #MurderforPizza! But as much as it was fun to tweet last night’s episode title– “I just spoke to Domino’s pizza-ordering app for too long, #pot2blame” – her guest booking was even more A+. Behold, the man with whom Grace decided to go toe to toe:


Yes, that’s 2 Chainz, f.k.a. Tity Boi, a.k.a. the man of simple desires, who wants to be left alone with…

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