Sarah Palin Is Right: It’s a Blurry Line Between Edible and Petable on the Frontier


Alaskans are very practical people. They have to be, living in such a brutal if beautiful environment. They love their dogs, like the rest of us, but by the same token in a place as unforgiving as Alaska any creature that walks, flies, swims or any combination thereof can be viewed as companion or, in a pinch, protein. It’s an undeniable part of Alaskan history. Dogs are friends and beasts of burden that are highly valued. But if you’re starving in the wild, your dogs are a resource. Jack London wrote about this in “Call of the Wild” in 1903—a long time before WalMart got to Anchorage.

This history is what Sarah Palin, Alaska’s governor-before-she-quit, was hinting at in a tweet that got the animal rights knights at PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) all kinds of crazy. Palin had posted a photo of her son Trig using…

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