NFL referees aren’t corrupt, they’re just incompetent

For The Win

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The Detroit Lions were hosed. Take nothing away from the Dallas Cowboys, Tony Romo, and lifelong fan Chris Christie’s wild card victory, but Detroit has every reason to feel cheated this morning.

In the fourth quarter with Detroit up 20-17, Lions tight end Brandon Pettigrew ran a route on third down and was obstructed by Cowboys linebacker Anthony Hitchens, who never turned to face the ball while it was in the air.


It was pass interference. A flag was thrown, the foul was announced, and the Lions were given a first down.

And then they weren’t.

Head referee Pete Morelli took back the call, didn’t offer an explanation, and all of a sudden Detroit had a fourth down instead of a first and had to punt the ball back to Dallas.

Several penalties and 59 yards later, the Cowboys took the lead for good.

After the game, Morelli offered up…

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