After Raising $150 Million In Stealth Mode, What The Heck Is Gogoro?


gogoro shots

In 2011, Gogoro raised $50 million. Three years later, another $100 million. And yet, no one seems to have any idea what the heck Gogoro does.

Until now.

Having somehow managed to keep their plans almost entirely under wraps for the last three years, the company is unveiling their first product as CES this morning. We spoke to them a few weeks back.

Until today, here’s all anyone really knew about the company:

  • It was working on something energy-related
  • It had lots of HTC in its veins. A number of its engineers are from HTC; one of its co-founders, Horace Luke, was HTC’s Chief Innovation Officer from 2007 to 2011; a good chunk of the $150m they raised was contributed by HTC Chairwoman Cher Wang.

To simplify what the company pitches as a complex, many-year plan, Gogoro is making two things for now: an electric scooter they call Smartscooter, and…

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