New laws for 2015 crack down on drunk driving, smoking, and untested rape kits



In Louisiana about two dozen new laws go into effect on January 1, 2015.

Among them, 16-yr-olds will now be allowed to register to vote when they get their drivers license although they won’t actually be allowed to exercise their right until they turn 18.

Another change affects smokers. The new law bans smoking within 25 feet of a public entrance and wheelchair ramps at all state buildings.

Also set to begin in 2015 is an update to the Louisiana DWI laws that include more time behind bars for offenders. Under the new law first time offenders may face a minimum of ten days in jail, with 32 hours of community service, and a second offense can mean 30 days in jail.

A new mandate that may make a difference to hundreds of rape victims and help clear a backlog is due January 1st. Law enforcement agencies must tally the…

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