There is no perfect Christmas | 60’s #Christmas

I can totally put stuff in that thing.

I can totally put stuff in that thang.

This could be close to Christmas photo perfection.  The ‘Red Wagon-O-Joy’.

This is probably 1967, which puts us living in Texas after having moved from New Orleans, Louisiana.  That is  – if I judge the year and  recall things correctly.  One reason we moved was  because a tornado [Edit:  The horse’s mouth has informed me it was Hurricane Betsy] flipped our trailer over in Louisiana. There are photos of that trailer’s fate somewhere.

I seem uninterested in anything Dad is doing here, and completely absorbed with the red wagon.  That could just be the mere second in time, or the camera angle.

All I know is I haz baby blue  fuzzy PJ’s wid booties!  That’s gotta be darn near perfect.

Merry Christmas loyal blog visitors, and the random drop-ins too.


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