Researchers seek support of ‘bionic bra’

(CNN) — Victoria’s Secret is so last year. Soon, women may enjoy high-tech breast support from a “bionic bra.”

Researchers in Australia have developed a prototype sports bra that they say automatically tightens when it senses breast movement, offering customized support that could reduce back pain and other health problems.

“Unfortunately, the most supportive sports bras tend to be the most uncomfortable to wear,” said University of Wollongong professor Julie Steele, director of Breast Research Australia (yes, that’s BRA for short).

Steele said BRA’s research has found that 85% of women “are wearing bras that do not fit or support their breasts correctly.” She said lack of proper breast support can cause long-term neck and back pain as well as numbness in the fingers from compression of nerves on the shoulders.

In a news release, Steele and her colleagues refer to their creation as “the world’s first bionic bra,” although…

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