‘Star Wars’ Actor Responds to ‘Black Stormtrooper’ Critics: ‘Get Used To It’

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White blogger agrees.

Is anybody truly upset about this except race-baiters? I don’t remember any flak about Billy Dee Williams as Lando, or Samuel L. Jackson as Mace.

Is it just because the Empire has always been associated with Nazis because of the use of the word Stormtroopers? [Although the majority of Empire appear to be British, in a galaxy far far away, where they have never heard of the United Kingdom or Germany.] Therefore, no black Stormtroopers?

Hey guess what ? It’s fiction people. It’s a movie, not some cultural direction to follow, or something that needs to include overt political messages and agendas. It’s entertainment. Agendas drive off audiences. This is what movie makers need to learn.

This is not a real controversy and does not appear to be an agenda, It’s a distraction, a fuss being created by a very few, and being amplified in the media by some.

Get over it and get used to it.

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