‘Bama team docs help save life of LSU policeman

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The old chestnut of heated rivalry on the playing field, respect off it? A medical version of it was on full life-saving display this past weekend.

Following Saturday night’s Alabama-LSU game in Baton Rouge, an LSU police officer on a motorcycle helping to escort UA’s motorcade to the airport was struck by a vehicle and sustained significant injuries. Fortunately for the unnamed officer, Tide team doctors Lyle Cain, Norman Waldrop, Marc Biggers and Benton Emblom were a part of the motorcade.

All four rushed to the police officer’s aid, and found that the officer “was unresponsive and unconscious, had multiple broken bones and you don’t know what’s going on internally.” According to Waldrop, “[w]e knew it was life-threatening.”

While none of the four currently work in trauma situations — they’re a part of world-renowned orthopedist Dr. James Andrews‘ facility in Birmingham — their training kicked in.

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