Pareidolia Caught on Camera: Spooky Little Big Planet Ghost, For Realz Yo

This picture was tweeted right after the Saints trouncing of the Packers.


Not photoshopped. I didn’t need to fake it.  It’s all for realz, I’m seriously!!

Because it’s just a rather large smudge on the window glass back-lit by a street light.  It’s a great example of a low-light situation, and a low-resolution camera not knowing what to do with complex detail.  The end result is a big blob of mostly one color.

If I had done this on purpose it would never have turned out quite so seemingly perfect.

That’s what makes it even spookier somehow.

Happy Halloween!

Boo! I’m not dead yet, so how can I have a ghosty? Was I ever alive?

He’s got a raging case of the pareidolias.

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