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Louisiana being singled out in the national news for doing exactly what a majority of other states do as well

Change pledged to prevent victims from paying for rape-related medical costs

National Organization for Women outraged over rape victims being charged

New Louisiana abortion law could still close clinics

Registration deadline approaching to vote in Nov. 4 mid-term election

Victim finds own stolen truck, discovers gun, drugs hours after NOPD search vehicle


New Orleans East company says ‘good-bye’ to the gasoline pump

U.S. poised to become world’s leading liquid petroleum producer

Japanese company inks $3.6B in charters to ship gas from Cameron Parish facility

Should Louisiana pay the people it wrongfully convicts more than $250,000?

Baton Rouge rum distillery owners hope to begin construction by end of year: Report

New poll suggests Louisianians now more tolerant of pot possession

Battle of New Orleans cannon getting new carriage

Woman offers to settle lawsuit against former Sorrento police chief

Families kept in the dark when loved ones died in New Orleans jail

2 Female Destrehan High School teachers accused of sex with male student

Police say man shot girlfriend and bit officer during arrest

Shreveport man faces criminal mischief charges | Filed False Report

Sunset Police Chief Candidate Arrested

Real Estate Agent Beverly Carter’s Body Found in Shallow Grave

Shreveport Boy Reported Missing Found Safe


Scott teen accused of stealing his car from towing company

Cops: Suspect drops baby daughter after burglary

Mt. Hermon student arrested after officers find .357 revolver inside vehicle

Caught on camera: Shreveport self-service car wash vandalized

Gunman caught on camera in Magnolia Discount Store

Sentencing under way for Bossier City man convicted of fatally stabbing mother

11 Louisiana residents convicted of SNAP, CCAP fraud

KALB Celebrates 60 Years of Service

“I’m Creole and Proud” displayed on new Louisiana License Plates

Acadiana sugar cane farmers turn to other crops as prices fall

Suddenlink customers may lose MTV, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central

Public Service Commissioner Says Entergy Customers to Receive Refunds

LAE sues BESE and Dept of Ed over public school education money going towards some charter schools

Louisiana ranks in the middle of the pack on list of best, worst states for teachers

Local guard change in command

Out-of-network ATM fees going up

Audit: Fletcher Technical Community College undercharged, skirted rules

Mississippi has 2 more cases of enterovirus

CDC Confirms Patient In Dallas Has The Ebola Virus

Patient to be tested for Ebola in Texas

Mosquito Virus That Walloped Caribbean Spreads in U.S.

HERO HIGHLIGHT: Hank Saurage – Highland Coffees Landlord

Highland Coffees to close after 25 years, be replaced by full-service restaurant

Highland Coffees announces closure

Mysterious feature on Saturn’s moon baffles NASA scientists

Scientists make droplets move on their own

World wildlife populations halved in 40 years – report

Louisiana restaurant offers 10% discount to armed customers

‘Hands up’ the best restaurant in town.

First federal death penalty in history of Western District of Louisiana imposed

‘I killed both of them’

Sanders told clinical psychologist Kevin Bianchini during his assessment that he would not discuss certain symptoms of psychosis. Bianchi said Sanders told him, “I want them to execute me, so I ain’t gonna give them any reason not to.”

Jury imposes death sentence in Sanders case

Drew Brees settles bogus tax credits lawsuit against former teammate

Forbes: Saints owner Tom Benson remains richest man in state, No. 386 in nation

Saints sputter in 38-17 loss to Cowboys

Battle for Senate control tipping towards the GOP?

HOLY COW: Elbert Guillory OBLITERATES Mary Landrieu in EPIC new ad

VIDEO: New poll shows Louisiana leaning left

Landrieu up three in Louisiana, but trails Cassidy in would-be runoff: poll

Control Of The U.S. Senate May Depend On The Outcome In Louisiana

Two groups with conflicting views on gun control bring issue to Louisiana Senate race

“Special Report” Panel From Louisiana: Handicapping the Senate Race

Vitter on the campaign trail against Landrieu

A Debt Senator Landrieu Could Never Repay

Tony Perkins: Maness is the only candidate who can defeat Landrieu

In Louisiana Senate race, Rob Maness says he won’t quit: James Varney

Common Core math curriculum not adding up for St. Tammany parents

Full house for Common Core town hall meeting

Jindal trip to New Hampshire stokes speculation about presidential run

Jindal’s raid on our trust funds

Libertarian Party celebrates growth in Louisiana

Emeril Lagasse: ‘I have nowhere to go, really — other than broke’

SCAM ALERT: con artists claim to be Crowley Police detectives

New Orleans man worries for family missing in Syria

Prosecutor: Co-Worker Had Altercation With Beheading Suspect ‘About Him Not Liking White People’

What should we call terrorists?


How about the government get out of the business of telling us who is and isn’t married, what is or isn’t a legitimate religion, what is or isn’t a baby, who is and isn’t a terrorist, what is or isn’t Islam?

Why was the federal ban on the death penalty reversed if not the argument that the death penalty was an issue for the individual states to decide?

How about the people stop dragging issues to the federal government to decide for all of us that which really should be left to the individual states to decide?

How about the people fight together against government intervention in what should be our personal lives, create an atmosphere of freedom, fight against the idea of forcing your personal views on the rest of the people, and stop treating the federal government’s blessing as some kind of final argument?

What is the point of states if we the people keep taking everything to the federal government and demanding a federal law for all states to have to follow? Why are we not just the State of America? Why do we not fight together to bring back more power to the states? If you don’t like the laws in your state, try to change them, but you have the choice to move to a state where the laws are more compatible to your values. Instead we the people keep demanding laws to make all states homogeneous, and therefore no state will work for some people’s values.

African-American Judge Compares Marriage Discrimination to Racism

One of these things is not like the other. One of these things is not the same.

Louisiana judge rules state’s gay marriage ban unconstitutional

Gay marriage ruling to go to La. Supreme Court

Judge’s ruling compares same-sex marriage ban to Jim Crow-era laws

Gay only fountains?

Louisiana gay marriage case on fast track at appeals court

Aren’t ya’ll sick of the rhetoric from all sides, the over-the-top garbage punditry spew? Sadly, the spew will only become a Niagara as elections and campaigns are in full swing blanket-the-media mode. Does it ever really stop?

Secret Service head takes onus for White House breach

Exclusive: Secret Service missed man with gun in elevator with Obama

GOP Rep: ‘Politically Correct’ Secret Service Has Allowed 1,000 Security Lapses

Fictitious case to snare judge was elaborate



Obama’s Pass-the-Buck Presidency

Reporter: White House Aide Told Me Not To Talk To Crowd At Michelle Obama Campaign Event

Ron Paul Thinks There Should Be More Secessionist Movements in the U.S.

PayPal to spin off from eBay next year

EBay Does About-Face in Decision to Spin Off PayPal

Banks trim 1,600 branches to cut costs, redirect assets

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