Grandmother who once despised profanity can’t stop swearing following a stroke

Oh pooh.


Prim pensioner Pat Preston swears like a trooper for the first time in her life after waking from a stroke with a changed personality.nGrandmother Pat, 65, has shocked her husband, Michael, 66, by turning the air blue with a stream of four-letter words in front of her doctor; has sworn in the presence of friends; and has been known to call her grandchildren ¿little b****s¿ since suffering a stroke in January.nIt is a complete departure from the type of language the retired bank customer service adviser would have used in the past and she even has a ¿swear box¿ she adds money to after using inappropriate words.nnPat Preston picturednPat Preston has had a personality change since having a stroke in January. Pat involuntarily and regularly swears following her stroke (NCJ Media)

A grandmother who once hated the idea of swearing now turns the air blue after a stroke left her unable to control her potty mouth.

Pat Preston, 65, now has a mouth like a sailor following her stroke and has even called her grandchildren ‘little b******s’ when they were playing up.

The grandmother from Gateshead says her new-found profanity laden speech is completely involuntary.

‘Before I had a stroke I would still get annoyed at things but I could control my upset, however now I just can’t help it,’ she said.

The retired bank worker says her swearing particularly irks her husband, as he used to be a head teacher and therefore has an obvious aversion to swearing.

She has introduced a swear box since her stroke last January in an attempt to train her brain, and is also receiving help from psychologists.

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