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Senate has a secret book of rules

Prohibited expenses include “personal services,” gifts, flowers and awards or certificates and entertainment, “such as alcohol or movies.” And senators cannot hire family members with official funds.

20 insane rules the Senate has for its members

1. There are lengthy rules if you would like hold music for your Senate phone lines.

“Music on hold is available to Leadership offices as an alternative to silence when callers to their office are placed on hold. The Leaders, Whips/Assistant Leaders and Conference Secretaries may select one program source from four available options. The selected program will provide music on hold to all lines within that office. The available music options are Light Classical, Environmental, Patriotic and Country. You may listen to samples of the four selections by calling 8-2057 and following the prompts.

The Senate’s Secret Book of Rules

HOT BLAST: Inside the Senate’s secret handbook

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