CBS Sports to launch all-women’s sports talk show in fall


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In the 1990s in New York City, Lesley Visser, Billie Jean King, CBS Sports director Suzanne Smith and Mary Carillo would be at a party and the same refrain would inevitably come up: The four of them, they would say, should all have a television show together.

At the time, it seemed completely unrealistic.

“[We’d] say ‘wouldn’t that be the greatest thing, wouldn’t that be the coolest thing?” Visser told For The Win. “Well yeah, it is.”

On Tuesday, CBS Sports confirmed the news that had been leaking out for the past couple of months: An all-female show featuring Visser, Tracy Wolfson, Allie LaForce and Amy Trask will be debuting on this fall on CBS Sports Network (CBS Sports’ equivalent to ESPN2.)

The show, “We Need To Talk”, will be a round-table discussion between a rotating cast of contributors and the four featured women. The long…

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