Photo of baby with duct-taped pacifier sparks outrage

FRANKLIN COUNTY, Ohio. – Authorities are investigating after photos of a two-month old Columbus, Ohio girl with duct-tape across her pacifier has sparked outrage on social media.

The pictures have caused an uproar on Facebook.

Commentators shared the photo saying Child Protective Services should step in.

According to WCMH, the photos were posted to Facebook Thursday, and by Friday, Franklin County Children Services stepped in and interviewed the baby’s grandmother, who took the photo.

The child’s grandmother said, “It was on 10, 15 seconds. Long enough to take a picture.”

Franklin County Sheriff Zach Scott said, “Duct-taping a child’s pacifier to their mouth, covering up their option to spit that pacifier out, give their airway, this is crazy. It’s dangerous,”

The baby’s grandmother also posted a picture…

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