Robot At Sea Tweets Photos In Path Of Hurricanes Headed Towards Hawaii


CBS San Francisco

HONOLULU (CBS SF) — As residents of Hawaii prepare for the possibility of two hurricanes making landfall, a robot at sea developed by a Silicon Valley firm is tweeting pictures of the worsening conditions.

The Wave Glider Holoholo is taking pictures as it heads toward the paths of Hurricane Iselle and Hurricane Julio.

Twitter users can message Holoholo to request pictures, find out its location, along with the weather conditions where it is located.

According to CNET, the Holoholo is a Wave Glider SV3 autonomous data center, essentially a self-powered floating server rack. The SV3 can be powered with solar or wave power, and users have the ability to investigate the open sea for months at a time.

Developed by Liquid Robotics of Sunnyvale, the SV3 costs $300,000.

According to The Associated Press, Iselle’s outer edges brought rain and wind to Hawaii on Thursday as it approached landfall…

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