New Orleans Land For Sale – $100

#Louisiana | New Orleans Land For Sale – $100


A list is out of the 602 Lower 9th Ward properties neighbors can buy for $100 dollars each.

The Lot Next Door Program announced last month allows those living nearby, who maintain an abandon lot, the option to buy.

The re-development bill is a proposed constitutional amendment which will go to a public vote in November.

The New Orleans Redevelopment Authority owns the properties.

If neighbors pass on buying the available $100 property, next in line are qualifying renters, veterans, emergency responders and teachers.

“There`s more to it than a hundred dollar lot,” says Lower 9th Ward property owner James Kaigler. “It`s going to take a lot of money to get the ball rolling.”

Maintaining and then purchasing a lot for one hundred dollars seems like the real estate steal, nut Kaigler says he’s done his research and the responsibility could be overwhelming, “People right now can`t get loans…

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