This episode of Friends is The One Where They Removed All The Jokes

You know you want to say it,
‘There were jokes?’

The one with the nipples, which one?


Have you ever wondered what might happen if all the jokes were removed from an episode of your favourite sitcom? Well it’d be a lot shorter for starters.

To demonstrate just what a laugh-free zone might await you under such circumstances, YouTube user Tunglebrek has done just that to Friends episode The One With The Apothecary Table.

And the resulting episode – which originally saw Jennifer Aniston’s Rachel trying to convince Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) that her new table is in fact an antique – has not only been reduced to just under three minutes, it’s also decidedly stern-faced.

friends-without-the-jokes Where have all the jokes gone? Down the back of the sofa at Central Perk perhaps? (Picture: YouTube)

In fact, without the jokes, it almost turns into a serious drama (or at least it would do if the audience laughter had been completely edited out too) – yet oddly the story still…

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