Who Lies Where? Hundreds Buried Beneath St. Louis Cathedral



NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – For nearly 300 years people have come here seeking eternal life but when you enter the St. Louis Cathedral and take a seat, you’re sitting just as close to death.

“The faithful buried beneath the cathedral include children, they include Priests, they include Governors… Their souls are before the hand of God just as ours are when we come to church to pray,” says Brandon Briscoe the Cathedral Tour Guide.

In the center of the Cathedral between the two pillars it’s estimated that there were 100 people buried before 1850 underneath the pews. We know their names but not their locations. “Over the course of the renovations, there was a big renovation in 1850, we lost track of who exactly is in each spot. We believe as faithful that we will all rise from the dead and get our resurrected bodies so when that happens at…

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