F-35 a No-Show (So Far) at Big Air Show


Lightning did not strike at the Farnborough International Air Show on Monday.

Farnborough’s star attraction—the F-35 Lightning II, a fifth-generation fighter jet also known as the Joint Strike Fighter—was due to make its international air show debut this month. Unfortunately for both the air show organizers and F-35 developers, the fighter jet failed to make its scheduled appearance at Farnborough, in Hampshire, England, after the entire F-35 fleet was grounded in the U.S. last month after the engine on one of the jet’s caught fire.

Yet Farnborough organizers, Lockheed Martin (which manufactures the jet), and the U.S. military are all hopeful the F-35 will still be able to make an appearance. Farnborough announced the fighter jet would be missing the show’s opening on July 13 in a statement, saying, “The aircraft is still awaiting US [Department of Defense] clearance but we are hopeful that it will fly at the air…

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